The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby


Chapter 263

Chapter 263: The most embarrassing date Rongxi has been working with various royal families. Fang Chixia was aware that these relationships were established early on. Many members of royal families attend a variety of social occasions related to jewelry, generally of which were designed by Rongxi designers and each was specially unique. Fang Chixia wasn't… Continue reading Chapter 263


Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Mood gradually cleared up Smelling the tempting scent, Ning Xiaofei instinctively swallowed her saliva. She had come directly from the TV station. Until now, she has had no dinner so salivating was a bit inevitable. Taking in her subtle movements, Mu Tianye walked towards the kitchen with the paper bag. "Come and eat!"… Continue reading Chapter 104