The Overbearing Chief Husband’s Favorite: Baby


Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Stay with you "I'll take a break!" Shoving the club into his hand, she turned and left. Running hastily, she got back to the lounge area with her face bright red. "Hot?" Tong Yan glanced at her flushed face and asked knowingly. "It's nothing." Fang Chixia looked for a chair and sat down… Continue reading Chapter 320


Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Who can give me an account? "It's not clear what's going on. It's just known that someone posted your new song online last night. Weibo, forums, and all major websites are boiling over it." Xu Yang's voice has turned dreadfully heavy. His new record has already set for release and all distribution channels… Continue reading Chapter 149


Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Rough punishment Whatever the issue, everything should be spelled out for a harmonious marital life. At the very least, it won't cause her unnecessary trouble. With his back rigidly to her, Fang Chixia couldn't tell what his expression was, but his indifference faded a bit. Fang Chixia paid close attention to his reaction… Continue reading Chapter 318


Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Intimate lovers His eyes bored into her as he drawled with eyes brimming with expectation. Fang Chixia could only look back at him in confusion, wondering what his purpose for coming today. Was it specifically for this? She stood silently and made no response. Fei Si Nuo waited for her answer, his face… Continue reading Chapter 317


Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Would you believe me Since they arrived, Fang Chixia has been staring at him for some time while chatting with Tong Yan. After a few moments chatting, she went out to buy them drinks. This upscale club was located in a vast land. The entertainment facilities not only included golf but also many… Continue reading Chapter 316


Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Her obedience Fang Chixia's dismayed but it was already nearly lunch time and both of them haven't had any food yet. She was feeling hungry so she thought he wouldn't do too much. So with that in mind, she complied bedrudgingly. He let him carry her inside with her hands around his neck.… Continue reading Chapter 315


Chapter 314

Chapter 314: The warmest embrace "Your resilience is good." Luo Yibei bent from the hovercraft and extended a hand to her. Fang Chixia still looked at him in a moment of silence before reaching for his hand. Luo Yibei gripped her hand and hoisted her up into the hovercraft. She was soaked to the bone.… Continue reading Chapter 314


Chapter 313

Chapter 313: When are you going to stop looking at me Fang Chixia raised her knee in reflex to kick the man's crotch but the man easily dodged it. "Luo Yibei!" Forcefully wretched the man's away and screamed at the top of her lungs. However, after his name was called out, her mouth was once… Continue reading Chapter 313


Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Chixia in crisis Fang Chixia fell and her hands circled around his neck. Luo Yibei held her gaze then moved his eyes down her face and finally settled on her cherry lips. One hand clasped the back of her head while his face tilted towards her. Fang Chixia's body was stiff, but she… Continue reading Chapter 312