Chapter 248 & 249

Chapter 248: Young Master Bei's great masterpiece His gentle kiss skimmed her lips as he pressed her head forward. Fang Chixia was taken aback. She raised her hand and tried to push herself away but Luo Yibei took hold of her hands and moved himself closer. His legs made some movements and as if nothing… Continue reading Chapter 248 & 249


Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Xia Xia made a big mistake The fruits that she fed were unknown to her. They were very strange. They should be imported from abroad. The husky didn't seem to have eaten them before. First,ย he curiously licked her hands and after that,ย he probably got addicted to it. Heย usedย his head to nudge her skirt… Continue reading Chapter 235


Chapter 233 & 234

Chapter 233: Wife meets her in-laws Fang Chixia stiffened instantaneously. Luo Yibei's move was outright conspicous. He was still using one hand to consume his meal without any problems, maintaining an elegant poise. Then the hand that fell under the table began its unruly course. First, it interlocked with the five fingers of Fang Chixia,… Continue reading Chapter 233 & 234