Chapter 111 & 112

Chapter 111: Husband is handsome Fang Chixia's courage was also quite remarkable. No matter how many faces and fat wide bodied men she was against with, she bent like a cat to avoid the hand that a person extended, lifted her leg and kicked that person's fatal place, then ran to the alley outside. The… Continue reading Chapter 111 & 112


Chapter 1: Returning back home

Yuntian Mainland, Tianjin Jingdu. It had just rained, and the streets on the outskirts of Jingdu were muddy. A simple carriage rolled over the mud, and headed North. In the carriage, two indignant female voices were faintly heard - "This is so infuriating. Six years ago, they kicked the young lady out of the Feng… Continue reading Chapter 1: Returning back home