Being a huge fan of L in Death Note, I surmised I could be his student (^_^), which may be named ‘M’, though I lack the brains and the focus you know. Anyway, in truth, since “Elle” was taken, I went for the really short one. 


A sucker of happy endings and the fluffy stuffs. Can’t stand tragic endings. So, my choices….


M is working on six projects at the moment. These were just random picks.


Dose of Love does not own any copyrights to all novels being translated. All rights are reserved to the original authors.

I’m no professional translator so all translations may contain mistranslated words and phrases and even grammatical errors. Feel free to point them out for M in the comments section πŸ™‚
Please ask permission before sharing any of them in any site whatsoever or in any language πŸ™‚
If you wish to support any of M’s work, feel free to buy a cuppa coffee πŸ™‚ Many thanks for your support!!!

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12 thoughts on “ABOUT YOURS TRULY”

      1. thank you so so much for translating the novel. i have been having a hard time and the novels are a gift. its beautiful and the translations are very easy to understand and the flow of the translations are so smooth.

        thank you so much again!!!


      1. Ohh thank you for the update.
        I think I have made a mistake. I saw that the translator of the novel Hidden marriage is going to translate a new novel and it’s name is similar to this novel,so I thought qidian is taking over this novel.


  1. Hi, M you are doing an amazing job. thank you so much for these novels. I love all these novels. I read them here then raws because cant wait. All your novels are my favourite because there is no typical rape or one night stand scene. no big misunderstandings, no typical shy and clumsy herions and most of all heroes are not big bullies. plz suggest any other novels that are of same catogory even you are not planning to translate.


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