Chapter 233 & 234

Chapter 233: Wife meets her in-laws Fang Chixia stiffened instantaneously. Luo Yibei's move was outright conspicous. He was still using one hand to consume his meal without any problems, maintaining an elegant poise. Then the hand that fell under the table began its unruly course. First, it interlocked with the five fingers of Fang Chixia,… Continue reading Chapter 233 & 234

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Chapter 13: The Narcissistic king

Because of the appearance of Feng Chuge, He Lian Yu Yu had a moment of embarrassment. But it was only for a moment, and he recovered his senses. Thinking that this Feng Chuge was just a waste, the bottome of He Lian Jin Yu's eyes were again flooded with disdain. "How exactly has Waner offended… Continue reading Chapter 13: The Narcissistic king

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Chapter 31: Can’t look straight at the right hand

Shocked all the way back to her room, she closed the door tightly. Leaning on the door panel, only then did Ning Xiaofei dare to take a breath. Lifting her right hand and thinking about what her hand had just mastered, her small eyebrows immediately wrinkled and she hurriedly rushed into the bathroom and turned… Continue reading Chapter 31: Can’t look straight at the right hand