TOCH – Chapter 326

Chapter 326: She's my wife His sharp eyes were like needles trying to pierce every inch of Fang Chixia. Fang Chixia was unsettled by his gaze but she has always been one to cope. Mr. Roland must have been stimulated too much by Luo Yibei's proposal for all his rationality were thrown out the window.… Continue reading TOCH – Chapter 326


Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Wild and sensual. "For you."She came to him with a bath towel and handed him what she had. Luo Yibei glanced briefly at the towel and returned his gaze at her face instead of receiving it right away. She must have bathed quickly when she returned to the room. Presumably still thinking about… Continue reading Chapter 321


Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Stay with you "I'll take a break!" Shoving the club into his hand, she turned and left. Running hastily, she got back to the lounge area with her face bright red. "Hot?" Tong Yan glanced at her flushed face and asked knowingly. "It's nothing." Fang Chixia looked for a chair and sat down… Continue reading Chapter 320