EP – Chapter 153

Chapter 153: More poisonous than a white lotus The contract that was taken back from Dishi was handed over to the relevant colleagues. Ning Xiaofei returned to the office and saw Zhang Yue packing up and preparing to leave. She asked curiously. "Where are you going?" "To the studio." His answere ignited Ning Xioafei's spirits.… Continue reading EP – Chapter 153


Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Proud and dignified "Call Xiao Ning." Seeing Ning Xiaofei coming out of Ji Mo's office, Zhang Yue immediately waved to her and handed her the phone. The call was from a staff from Imperial Tower notifynig her that the contract with Xichen had already gone through and that she had go pick it… Continue reading Chapter 151


Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Who can give me an account? "It's not clear what's going on. It's just known that someone posted your new song online last night. Weibo, forums, and all major websites are boiling over it." Xu Yang's voice has turned dreadfully heavy. His new record has already set for release and all distribution channels… Continue reading Chapter 149


Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Owe once, make up twice "Why not... Since you kissed me, let me kiss you too!' Ning Xiaofei recognized the voice as her own. Then she was really.... Oh, dear! "Did you recall?" The mans voice rang beside her ear. Ning Xiaofei regained her senses and noticed the man standing behind her in… Continue reading Chapter 147


Chapter 146

Chapter 146: There's another one in the middle "You..." She meant to question the man but when met with the man's naked ****, she buried her face into the quilt right away, "You...cover up!" The stinky bastard. He must have taken advantage due to the fact that she was drunk and had done so many… Continue reading Chapter 146


Chapter 145

Chapter 145: My only one He pushed the door open and turned the lights on, then swept a glance around the office. The office was neat and uncluttered. Nothing appeared unusual. Noticing a frame on her desk, he went forward and reached for it. His eyes stayed for a moment at Pei Ruoxi's smiling face… Continue reading Chapter 145


Chapter 144

Chapter 144: God can't save you. TV station, "Dialogue with God" column office. The whole office was covered with darkness. Ning Xiaofei's seat however was glowing with dark blue light reflected from the computer screen. It also highlighted Pei Ruoxi's sneer, where her usual beautiful face was now as gloomy as a ghost's. After clicking… Continue reading Chapter 144


Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Master loves you dearly As if the big Mu Tianye, who was taking a shower, was air, Ning Xiaofei squished her eyes, pulled her underwear down and sat on the rickety toilet seat, then opened her mouth for a sleepy yawn. Done on the the toilet, she moved in front of Mu Tianye… Continue reading Chapter 143


Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Got herself drunk In the middle of his talk with the Mayor, Mu Tianye felt the weight on his shoulder, then a furry head slid down to his chest. He caught her quickly then run a look at her ruddy face. His eyes swept a glance at the empty glasses on the table… Continue reading Chapter 142


Chapter 141

Chapter 141: A rare touch of laughter Stupid girl, has she become addicted to dancing? Mu Tianye's lips twitched as his voice rang with a rare touch of laughter, "Alright. Why don't we wait till the band has taken a break?" Ning Xiaofei looked around, and sure enough, everyone had quit the dance floor and… Continue reading Chapter 141


Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Prince and Princess Mu Tianye sighed helplessly. Gently using his knee, he nudged at her right leg. Ning Xiaofei immediately reacted and moved a step back. "Backward, stop!" "Turn around!" "Relax your waist!" With her face focused downward, Mu Tianye slowly led her forward and back. Initially, Ning Xiaofei moved like a block… Continue reading Chapter 140


Chapter 139

Chapter 139: That's pretty bold All around, guests looked up at Secretary Gu's poured alcohol into his head, and could only keep silent. How ruthless this master was, they have only heard from hearsay. Exaggerations along the way was inevitable, but as eyewitnesses of today's events, they realized that this man was far more horrible… Continue reading Chapter 139


Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Wronged with a pile of grievances That pout, that tone... As if wronged with a pile of grievances! How could Gu Xinqi eat this dumb loss, she immediately countered, "Dead girl, you're a thief crying thief. It was clearly you who dirtied my dress first!" Dead girl? Mu Tianye's eyes turned unblinkingly black,… Continue reading Chapter 138