SWDP – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: How did you know Mu Huan’s eyes turned glacial. As Mrs. Mu raised her hand for a second slap, Mu Huan struck and grabbed Mrs. Mu's wrists while her eyes flashed fiercely, “Grandma, if an old lady like you wants respect, better conduct yourself with dignity!" "Why, you still want to hit me?… Continue reading SWDP – Chapter 63


EP – Chapter 213

Chapter  213: Sorry?! Without hearing Ning Xiaofei's response, Mu Tianye raised an eyebrow quizzically. “Hmm?”"Of course ... it looks good, my husband looks good in everything." Ning Xiaofei smiled and came over, "But ... it looks kind of loose, otherwise ... I'll return and exchange it with another one?"        This is Xicheng's coat. If he… Continue reading EP – Chapter 213