SWPF – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: It’s just a habit

After hanging up, Huo Jinchen informed Lu Xingzhi about the dinner.

“Do I need to prepare anything?” Lu Xingzhi is unperturbed, anyway, she has already met the elders so she isn’t that nervous anymore.

“No. You just need to be beautiful and wear something pretty.”

There is nothing hard with this demand, Lu Xingzhi believes that she can do it. After all, when they had gone shopping, Huo Jinchen remembered her size and bought her a lot of clothes.

Her empty closet is now almost full.

The moment Lu Xingzhi stepped into the He Lian’s family villa, she had to sigh again, they are all rich.

When would she own such a huge villa?

This part of the capital stood several villas, occupying a vast area, and are all designed lavishly.

Forget it, she’s only dreaming!

Lu Xingzhi is well aware of how many pounds she weighs. She can never amass such tons of money her whole life.

Her nominal fiance can.

Sensing Lu Xingzhi’s gaze,  Huo Jinchen looked at her. Although she was staring at him, there was no hint of love in those eyes, more like envy.

What does he envy him for?

Lu Xingzhi looked away unabashed from being caught and just touched her ears.

“Xiao Zhi, San Ge, you are here!” He Lian Xi spotted them first, and hurried to meet them.

“Xixi.” Lu Xingzhi greeted her, then her eyes were drawn by a white piano in the hall.

Her feet unconsciously led her towards it and those affectionate and bright eyes gently drooped down, as if seeing her sweetheart. She approached cautiously, and the corner of her lips also outlined a sweet and happy smile.

She reached out her hand, but before she could touch it, she heard He Lian’s angry rebuke.

“Stop! Lu Xingzhi, what are you doing? This piano is the most precious treasure of Sister Xinzi, don’t you mess with it. Do you have a piano like this? If it gets broken, can you afford it?”

Lu Xingzhi’s hand stretched out in the air stiffened. She withdrew it awkwardly and a gloom settled in her eyes. She bowed low and apologized softly. “I’m sorry.”

He Lian Yi’s poisonous tongue usually gets the best of him, especially when facing Lu Xingzhi.

However, now that she apologized sincerely, not only was he satisfied, but was rather discomfited.

“He Lian Yi!” Huo Jinchen’s voice was filled with anger and warning, as he smiled sarcastically. “Your piano is really worthwhile. It seems that you think my, Huo Jinchen, is worth less than a piano.”

“San Ge, that’s now what I meant. I just…” He just blurted it out habitually.

“It goes without saying, it seems that I shouldn’t have come over with Zhizhi today.” Huo Jinchen held Lu Yixing’s hand, his voice softened a lot, “Let’s go home.”

“San Ge, Xiao Zhi, don’t go! Dad, come down!” He Lian Xi held onto Lu Xingzhi’s hand and glared hatefully at He Lian Yi. He is really an ass. “He Lian Yi, you’re really too much, just go and marry Chen Xinzi!”

“What’s the matter?” He Lian Cheng and Wen Ruya came out of the kitchen together.

They were unaware of the altercation outside.

“It’s brother, Xiao Zhi just wanted to touch Chen Xinzi’s broken piano, what he said was awful. Xiao Zhi, ignore him.” He Lian Xi fumed, her face was flushed, but was awfully cute.

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