SWPF – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Quite flaky, numb

Who knew that she cannot follow the routine.

Huo Jinchen raised his eyebrows. Could it be that Lu Xingzhi is the so-called straight woman?

Knowing that Huo Jinchen isn’t going to grab her food, Lu Xingzhi relished eating the rest.

After finishing the box of ice cream, she went out with Huo Jinchen, but not to a well-known restaurant.

Huo Jinchen took her to an obscure shop gated by a humble door. He didn’t keep her in suspense and introduced it immediately: “The roast duck in this restaurant is the most authentic, and most people don’t know about it. You should have heard of the famous Nuo family by now.”

“ I’ve always thought their restaurant was the best.” Lu Xingzhi has heard and seen it on TV and online.

“Try this one. Then, I will take you there for a meal. You will know by comparison.” Huo Jinchen also wants Lu Xingzhi to taste all his favorites, and let  her know that his taste is not representative of everyone.

Lu Xingzhi didn’t question Huo Jinchen, a tasty roast duck is what’s important. She doesn’t care if others can’t have it. Anyway, she’ll just eat once it is served.

Huo Jinchen has no interest in the roast duck. He ate only a little and spent more time talking with Lu Xingzhi.

“If there’s anything else you want to eat, just tell me, I’ll take you there to eat. Tell the people in the kitchen what you normally eat and let them prepare it for you.”


Huo Jinchen rolled her another roast duck meat and sent it to her mouth. “Eat more!”

Lu Xingzhi opened her mouth and ate directly from Huo Jinchen’s finger. Seeing that there was sauce on his finger, she stuck out her clove tongue and licked it clean.

Huo Jinchen froze for a moment, feeling a flaky numbing current charging through his veins. 

His mouth also felt a bit dry.

He filled a glass on the table with water and gulped it down.

Feeling that it wasn’t enough, he drank another glass.

Lu Xingzhi noticed his actions across and asked with concern: “Uncle, are you thirsty?”

He’s thirsty and parched.

“Don’t you know that doing this with others is inappropriate?” Huo Jinchen felt that the face of his little fiancee is really just a blank piece of paper and could only teach her well.


“Do not lick other people’s fingers.” This really is the picture of an adult educating a child.

With this recognition, Huo Jinchen suddenly has an urge to curse and swear.

“Oh! I won’t do it again.” Lu Xingzhi only thought that Huo Jinchen considered her very uncivilized and unsanitary, and it was too embarrassing for outsiders to see.

“Mine, you can!” Huo Jinchen added knowing that she has misunderstood.


“We are engaged, it doesn’t matter.” Intimacy is a given.

“Oh!” Lu Xingzhi didn’t quite understand what he meant, but she responded obediently.

“Be good.”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

She isn’t a child.

When returning home in the afternoon, Huo Jinchen received a call from Wen Ruya.

“Jinchen, tomorrow, if you and Xiao Zhi are free, come and have a meal at home! It’s our sort of apology to Xiao Zhi.”

“Tomorrow? Okay.” Huo Jinchen did not refuse, this is also for Lu Xingzhi’s sake.

To ensure that she’ll better integrate into his family and get along well with his loved ones.

“All right, then we will prepare well tomorrow. What does Xiao Zhi like to eat?” Wen Ruya asked again.

“She likes fish, and prefers spicy food.” Huo Jinchen glanced at Lu Xingzhi and realized that Lu Xingzhi was also looking at him.

He smiled gently at her.

On the other side, Wen Ruya said, “Okay, then it’s settled. Get back to your business.”

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