SFAM – Chapter 18: Relationship

Lin Jingrong followed Xiao Gu and also walked towards the stairs: “Let me help her with the medicine.”

“No.” Xiao Gu’s steps didn’t stop, but he glanced back at Mi Qing who was still in her place. “Why are you still standing there?”

“Oh.” Mi Qing responded quickly and followed after him.

Lin Jingrong watched their figures disappear at the corner of the stairs, turned around and continued to greet the guests downstairs.

The staff’s lounge is next to the dressing room. It’s small, but there are two small sofas, where they can sleep on when tired.

On the table in front of the sofa are some unfinished snacks. Xiao Gu asked Mi Qing to sit down on the sofa and lifted the first aid kit on the table.

This small medicine box was prepared in the lounge by Xiao Gu. When Mi Qing first saw it, she nodded that he was indeed a good boss.

“Give me your hand.” Xiao Gu’s voice sounded in her ear. Mi Qing retracted her gaze on the medicine box and extended her hand.

There were noticeable red marks on her wrist. It can be imagined how hard the guest had pulled her. Xiao Gu inspected for a while, and squeezed it gently with two fingers.

“Hiss.” Mi Qing immediately exclaimed in pain and disgruntledly looked up and stared at him, “Why are you squeezing it, it hurts!”

Xiao Gu raised her eyes and glanced at her: “Why didn’t you beat him if you know the pain? Weren’t you valiant when you pulled out from the guest before?”

Mi Qing wrinkled her nose, buried her head and muttered quietly, “Didn’t you say that I’m too impulsive and immature, I didn’t want to cause trouble in your shop yet…”

Xiao Gu looked at her and said nothing. He poured a little potion on his palm and rubbed it on Mi Qing’s wrist. When the cold medicinal wine suddenly touched her skin, it brought a burning sting, and Mi Qing’s eyebrows wrinkled into a ball as she whimpered again.

Xiao Gu said, “Bear it, it’s of no use if it doesn’t work.”

Mi Qing looked up at him. His head was down and his lowered eyelashes blocked his eyes, so Mi Qing thought that he must be very focused.

The heat from Xiao Gu’s palm warmed Mi Qing’s wrist. In the small room, there was only the slight inconsistent sound of clothing, while the smell of medicinal wine permeated into the air.


Mi Qing stayed silent for a while, then asked Xiao Gu, “Why did you say I was person?”

Xiao Gu didn’t even look up. “You are my employee, of course, my person.”

Mi Qing rolled her eyes, Boss Xiao really takes advantage of his employees. She blinked and said, “I heard Xiao Dezi saying you are fluent in English today.”

Xiao Gu chuckled, looked up at her, and lowered his head to continue rubbing medicinal wine on her wrist: “There’s nothing remarkable about speaking English in this age. Even Uncle Chang, who sells pancakes across the street, has done foreign business.”

Mi Qing: “…”

So is he now obliterating her only strength?

She pursed her lips and glanced at him again, asking tentatively: “So … what is your relationship with Rong Rong jie?”

Xiao Gu looked up at her, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth: “Do you care about this problem?”

Mi Qing snorted: “I don’t care, it’s just a question often asked by guests.”

Xiao Gu smirked and responded, “I hired her to help me in the shop.”

Mi Qing said meaningfully: “Then is she yours too?”

Xiao Gu stared at her silently, his hands gradually slowing down, before loosening her wrist, “Okay.”

He tightened the cap of the medicine bottle and put it back in the medicine box.

Mi Qing withdrew her hand that has been rubbed red and shook it two times, feeling that the pain has eased a lot, “Thank you.”

Xiao Gu put the first aid kit back in place and glanced back at her: “You’re welcome, this is a work injury.”

Mi Qing: “…”

The hell is this work injury!

She pulled a face and stood up from the sofa: “Then I’ll get on with work.”

“En.” Xiao Gu stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked to the door. “The next time you encounter such a thing, shout loudly. There are a lot of people in the store, and he wouldn’t mess around.”

Mi Qing smiled at him sideways and said, “Thank you, I don’t want to have another time.”

The corner of Xiao Gu’s lips ticked, but he made no further comment.

After Mi Qing came downstairs, Chen Shishi came to check her out, asked her a few words of concern, and was busy again. It wasn’t until nine o’clock that the shop gradually settled down.

Mi Qing and Chen Shishi stood in the corner to catch fish*. Seeing that the rest of the guests left were eating intently, she took out her phone.

Mi Qing glanced at her and said jokingly: “Are you chatting with Gu Xin’s public account again?”

She deliberately accented the two words public account, but Chen Shishi didn’t mind it at all, and instead responded enthusiastically: “I recently found that this public account is getting smarter and smarter. I can say a lot of things that it can answer, and there is no sense of contradiction.”

“Really?” Mi Qing raised her eyebrows half-heartedly. She is actually more interested in knowing what Chen Shishi’s reaction would be when she comes to know that Gu Xin is Boss Xiao’s cousin.

But Chen Shishi’s fanaticism shot to the roof as her fingertips slipped on the screen and handed her phone to Mi Qing: “This is what I sent him yesterday afternoon. Look.”

Mi Qing stepped forward slightly and took a peek.

Chen Shishi: Mr. Gu, did you have lunch? ~=3=

Gu Xin: I haven’t eaten yet, I just came out of the studio 😦

Shen Shishi: Poor you qwq. I ate potato roast beef in the cafeteria at noon! Apart from that, there was also mung bean starch noodles ︿ ( ̄︶ ̄) ︿.

Gu Xin: I want to eat, too 😦

Mi Qing commented: “The key word is to eat.”

Chen Shishi puckered her lips and scrolled down twice: “Look at this.”

Chen Shishi: Sad [Crying]

Gu Xin: What happened?

Chen Shishi: There’s so much homework to do. I can’t finish them [crying].

Gu Xin: I also have a lot of work, let’s cheer together ↖ (^ w ^) ↗

Chen Shishi: I will cheer for you when you send me a selfie 🙂

Gu Xin: [Picture]


Mi Qing: “…”

This … is this automated question answering robot smart enough?

She pursed her lips and said, “It’s really smart. It’s roughly resembles the peach sili platform, so it can take commands.”

Chen Shishi cheerfully nodded: “That’s right! I did not expect WeChat to use this technology!”

“Hmm …” Mi Qing mulled over it. Why does this sound wrong?

The last office hours of the evening were spent chatting rapturously about Chen Shishi’s chat with the Gu Xin’s public account.

Time passed by and ushered December unconsciously. Mi Qing has been working in the store for half a month.

On the fifth was payday. Mi Qing has long been looking forward to this day and it finally came. A half-month salary was only 1000 yuan, but this being Mi Qing’s very first salary, she was still excited. 

Counting the days, she’s never been to the mall for a month. It’s almost time to go shopping ready for the first batch of spring clothes, right?

Uhhh… Mi Qing! A thousand yuan can only buy a collar, wake up!

She restrained the little commotion in her chest, gritted her teeth and withdrew only a portion of her salary to replenish some of her daily necessities and left the rest lying in her card.

When she returned with her shopping bag, Xiao Gu was on the phone standing on the balcony…

“There is a very important guest on the 7th who wants you to eat at the restaurant for dinner, and asks you to be the chef.”

The male voice on the other end of the phone was pleasant, but the sound was colder than the north wind outside.

Xiao Gu glanced back at Mi Qing when she entered the door, and then turned his eyes out of the window: “General Manager Yu, I don’t seem to be a chef at your restaurant.”

The gloomy voice on the other side responded: “I’ll pay you according to the wages of a three-star chef….”

When Xiao Gu heard him, he smiled disdainfully, but then the man added: “Plus 50 catties of mangoes, top-grade grown in a small farm in Baijia Manor.”

Xiao Gu’s mouth twitched and after musing for a moment, he groaned: “I want the freshest.”

Yu Yi seemed to have laughed, but Xiao Gu thought it was his ears playing tricks on him: “I’ll let our restaurant purchasers personally select and pick them up and send them directly to city A.”

“Deal.” Xiao Gu signed the appointment and hung up.

Luo Hao, who was next to Yu Yi, saw him putting down his cell phone and asked, “Did he agree?”

Yu Yi looked at him and said, “I think Xiao Gu’s salary can be settled directly with mangoes in the future.”

  • Catch fish – to loaf on the job

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