SFAM – Chapter 15: Cook

After Mi Qing finished eating a large bowl of birthday noodles, she even drank the soup clean.

Xiao Gu was amused watching on the opposite side. “Do I really cook delicious noodles?”

Mi Qing drew a tissue, wiping the corners of her mouth while talking: “I’m just too hungry.” She threw the tissue into the trash can and stood up from the chair. “I’ve worked for you till now, this bowl, I’ll leave it for you to wash.”

After speaking, she headed into her bedroom. Xiao Gu looked at her back, thinking to himself of the wage he hasn’t paid her. He lowered his head slightly and chuckled, but still took Mi Qing’s bowl and went to wash the bowl in the kitchen.

After eating a bowl of noodles, Mi Qing was energized. She took a quick bath and drilled into the quilt with her rabbit ears pajamas on. 

After applying three layers of cherry-scented hand lotion, she  groped for her phone under the pillow.

The time is now 11.58, there are still two minutes left before her 22nd birthday has passed.

She habitually browsed through Weibo and found out a new unread private message from……Mr. Tuzi!

Mi Qing sat up excitedly and clutching her rabbit hoodie that went askew from her excitement. She brushed her hair off her sight and opened the message. 

Mr. Tuzi (Rabbit): Happy birthday ^ _ ^ [Cake].


Mr. Rabbit: A long time has gone and you’ve grown to 22 years old now. [Giggle] Ah, yes, I ’m back, but I heard that you are not feeling well, and you did n’t show up on your birthday. Is it serious? Your domestic number could not be reached, so I had to send you a private message. Well, these are birthday presents. I’ll give them to you the next time we meet. ^ _ ^ [Picture] [Picture]

The picture he sent was a big rabbit plush doll, and a set of pink rabbit cutlery, which were exquisite and adorable.

Mi Qing got a little dazed. Although she and Zhou Yiran have known each other for many years, they weren’t that close to each other. It ’s just because they belong in the same circle, that they often meet at dinner parties and the like. 

But after college, they both went abroad, and their only connection was broken.

Although Mi Qing has been secretly following him through Weibo, this was only one-sided, and she rarely even commented on his posts. She did not expect that he remembered her birthday.

Mi Qing’s nose felt a little bit sour. She was just going to say thank you, but after thinking about it, she held back.

After she thanks him, maybe they’ll talk. Once they talk, they will inevitably talk about each other’s recent circumstances, and  she doesn’t want him to know about her own downfall.

At the same moment, the phone received another new message.

“Happy birthday dear, the gift is ready for you. I will deliver it to you in person when you come back.”

Mi Qing pursed her lips, and for the sake of treating them equally, she did not reply to this message.

Time has jumped to 00:00, she logged out of Weibo and lay down on the bed again.

Thinking of a rare day off tomorrow, Mi Qing slept very sweetly tonight.

Because her alarm clock was set off before going to bed, Mi Qing slept until 11:30 before waking up – or it should be due to the tempting aroma emanating from the kitchen.

She rubbed her hair, sat up, and walked towards the kitchen in her slippers after a quick wash.

Xiao Gu was holding a bamboo stick in a pot of beef, and when he heard footsteps, he looked up. Mi Qing stretched her neck to peer into his pot. Xiao Gu curled her lips up and withdrew his gaze, “I thought you were dead in the house.”

Mi Qing brushed him off and asked curiously, “What are you making?”

Xiao Gu said: “Red beef stew.”

“Red beef stew?” Mi Qing’s eyes lit up. “Is there a portion for your audience?”

“Wang Wang!” Husky came to wag his tail, indicating that he has heard it.

“Tiantian, go out, don’t mess around in the kitchen!” Xiao Gu shooed Husky with his feet, and then turned to Mi Qing, “As for you, come and help if you want.”

Mi Qing blinked her eyes: “But I don’t know how.”

Xiao Gu glanced at her: “You are already old enough, you should learn to cook.”

Mi Qing: “…”


Why does he sound like her mother?

She rolled up the sleeves of her pajamas and asked, “What do you want me to help you with? It’d be a disaster if it’s too difficult for me.”

Xiao Gu glanced at the stove next to him: “I have already chopped all the ingredients. Cut the spinach roots criss-cross and soak them in clean water.”

“Oh.” Mi Qing began to criss-cross the spinach roots as he instructed: “What is this for?”

Xiao Gu: “Crepes.”

Mi Qing’s hand paused, if it is crepes and beef stew … She blinked: “You wouldn’t be cooking this just because I didn’t eat them last night, so you are making them for me today, are you?”

Xiao Gu glanced at her sideways: “Are you that confident because you think you are so cute?”

Mi Qing: “…”

She is so cute.

She rolled her eyes and continued to abuse spinach by the side, Xiao Gu commented: “It doesn’t if you slow down. If you cut your fingers, it won’t be a work-related injury.”

Mi Qing: “…”

She took a deep breath, and the scent of red beef stew calmed her down.

All of Mi Qing’s contribution to this meal was on the spinach. She sat in the dining room and waited for lunch, but frowned in disappointment when Xiao Gu brought the dish: ‘I’ve seen you cook a pot of beef, ah, how  come this is the only amount left when you serve it on the plate?”

This is his own home, so he needn’t serve it up like in a Western restaurant …

Xiao Gu replied: “I only bought 500 grams of beef, which was originally good for two.”

Mi Qing’s eyes rolled and she forced a smile: “Oh, enough for two.”


Xiao Gu calmly pulled Husky: “Me and Tiantian.”

Mi Qing bit the fork in her hand, smirked, but couldn’t say a word. 

Xiao Gu frowned slightly and sat down opposite her.

Mi Qing forked up a piece of beef and fed it into her mouth.  In just one bite, she almost moaned out loud. The beef was tender and the aftertaste of red wine was even more intoxicating. She closed her eyes contentedly and sighed, “It’s so delicious. I’ve eaten in a lot of three-star French restaurants. You are better than their chef!”

Xiao Gu only quietly ate the contents of his plate without answering.

Mi Qing raised her eyes and glanced at him: “What’s wrong with you? Angry?”

A big man shouldn’t be so stingy.

Xiao Gu later retorted calmly: “The compliment is just too exaggerated, it’s numbing.”

Mi Qing: “…”

If only she could swallow her praise back word for word.

She grimaced in her heart and devoted herself to eating her lunch.

Husky circled around Xiao Gu for a long time and finally got a small piece of beef. 

Mi Qing didn’t help much at noon, so Xiao Gu decided to give her the task of washing dishes. Mi Qing was very unhappy, but in order to have the next chance to eat rice, she felt that it was better to bear the burden.

It took her more than half an hour to wash all the dishes. She dried her hand and applied another three layers of hand lotion before returning to her room to continue sleeping.

She had a full meal and slept soundly. She woke up at around four in the afternoon. It was the time Xiao Gu was going out to walk his dog. When he saw her holding a glass of water, he resist commenting, “Were you born a pig? You’ve been sleeping all day.”

Mi Qing chuckled: “You are the sort of arm-flinging shop owner, of course, you don’t understand the pains of us waiters.”


Xiao Gu smirked, took Husky a few steps, and turned back to ask Mi Qing: “Do you want to go walk the dog together?”

Mi Qing gently swallowed the water in her mouth and gently lifted a brow: “Walk the dog.”

“Yeah, and get to know the community along the way.”

Mi Qing considered it and ran back to her bedroom: “Okay, then wait for me, I’ll change my clothes!”

Fifteen minutes later, Xiao Gu peered at Mi Qing who was still brushing her eyelashes, and frowned. “You apply make up too slowly, I’ll go first.”

“Okay, okay, I’m done!” Mi Qing put down her mascara, picked up her comb and brushed her curls twice, before running out quickly. “You’re too impatient. People wait for their girlfriends to put on makeup. Waiting for half and hour is normal.”

Xiao Gu smiled at her: “The problem is that you are not my girlfriend.”

Mi Qing tilted her head and muttered audibly, as if he’s a rare boyfriend. 

After the two went out, Xiao Gu looked down at Mi Qing’s clothes. She changed into a dress with a cream sweater on top and a big, red, a-shaped skirt on bottom, two layered, with a longer white inner woolen material and lotus leaf edges. 

Xiao Guxi laughed: “You’re just going out to walk a dog. What did you dress up like a princess for?” Especially that fur shawl, it is really conspicuous.

Mi Qing retorted:  “I usually wear work clothes at work, and have no chance to wear these clothes. Today, since I have to go out for a while, of course I have to wear them.”

Xiao Gu was speechless: “I’m going out to walk the dog, not going out for a stroll with you.”

Mi Qing: “…”

While the two were talking, Grandpa Qiu on the fifth floor just so happened to open the door and walked out. Seeing Xiao Gu and Mi Qing going downstairs together, he smiled kindly at them as he did last time: “You young couple are going out to walk the dog again.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Xiao Gu calmly answered: “Yes.”

Mi Qing: “…”

She looked over her head and confronted him with her eyes.

Xiao Gu: “It’s useless to explain to Grandpa Qiu, he will forget it anyway.”

….. But that wasn’t subject for a default!


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