EP – Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Misunderstanding    

Miss Liu has already gone home and the whole apartment was silent. IT seemed like the man has yet to return.

Ning Xiaofei let out a sigh of relief. She quickly closed the door, ran with the coat behind her and folded the coat while looking left and right. Seeing no bags there, she turned and walked upstairs.

Now, she can only hide the coat first, and then send it through a courier to Xicheng’s company tomorrow. She can call him then to receive it, and this matter can be resolved.

She retrieved a big shopping bag from the cloakroom upstairs, quickly stuffed the coat and packed it. She was close to hiding it down in the utility room, when the front door squeaked, and in came Mu Tianye.

Ning Xiaofei panicked, hastily hiding the shopping bag behind her, and smiling sweetly at him.

“Husband, you’re home!”

Mu Tianye glanced over, “Still not resting?”

“Isn’t it because I was waiting for you?”

Ning Xiaofei took two steps back, laying the paper bag briskly to the side of the sofa, then stepped forward and took his coat off.

“Tired, would you like something to drink?”

“Just water.”

“A glass of fresh water coming soon!” She winked at him pleasantly, “Then go upstairs first, I’ll pour you a glass of water.”

She hung his coat on the rack and went to the kitchen. The moment she passed through the kitchen door, she immediately hid behind the door, and spied on his back.

With the thought of taking the opportunity to put away the coat when he has gone upstairs.

Against all expectations, the man refused to go upstairs and instead walked towards the sofa.

Seeing him heading towards the sofa, she immediately straightened up and rushed out in a panic. 


If he goes any further, he will see the paper bag!

The man turned his face doubtfully.

“What’s wrong?”

  “I …” She smiled thinly. “I prepared a gift for you. Can you wait upstairs?”

Mu Tianye was surprised, “What is it?”

Ning Xiaofei ran over and hugged his arm, clinging coquettishly.

“You’ll know it in a moment, will you go upstairs first?”

The stinky girl has finally found a little conscience. Knowing that she bought him a gift, Mu Tianye was a little touched. His curiosity got the best of him and wanted to know what she bought for him right away.

When she pushed by him towards the stairs, he glanced around, catching a glimpse of the paper bag by the sofa. The man smirked silently.

It turned out that she’s hiding it here so she’s driving him away from the sofa. 

He deliberately stopped and turned to look at Ning Xiaofei.

“Okay, get me the water.”

At this point, she had pushed him beside the stairs. Thinking that he was really thirsty, she didn’t think much and immediately turned around and trotted into the kitchen.

Holding out the water, she saw that the man had returned to the sofa and was now taking out Xicheng’s coat from the paper bag.

A buzz whirred in Ning Xiaofei’s head and almost dropped the glass of water in her hand. 

It’s over!

Mu Tianye shook off the windbreaker in his hand and looked at it up and down. It was a new style of the season with a rich shade of light gray. The thickness of the fabric was just right for this season-but this style was a bit fashionable and youthful.

However, since she gave it, he’ll give her some face.

“Thank you!”

Thank you?!!

Ning Xiaofei raised her face and saw the man looking at her with a smile.

“The color is pretty good.”

He … he didn’t take it as his gift, did he?

At the same moment, Mu Tianye shook the coat again and put it on.

“Does it look good?”

Ning Xiaofei choked.             

Husband, do you want to hear the truth or not, ah?   

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