MYVD – Chapter 4.1

Chapter 4: Recommendation Letter

Genuine gifted hackers are stealthy. They are at a frightening height within the top echelons of society that ordinary people couldn’t even imagine.


A code name, unknown gender, unknown name, unknown age, and unknown appearance.

Three months ago, seven college students lost contact abroad. The embassy had to communicate with foreign trackers abroad because of the lack of results from their inquiries using satellites in the military field.

It has caused an uproar in China and countless crusades on the Internet.

When the members of the embassy were at a loss, a hacker turned up out of nowhere and hacked the satellite system of that country’s military defense.

Very little information was left of their helper and the only data the staff of the embassy have seen was the code name “Q” at the end.

The modus operandi of this civilian hacker, who has never appeared at the Black Hat Conference, immediately capped and gained prominence among the top five hackers in the hacker community. 

And now being monitored by Interpol. 

Since then, the code name Q has gone on fire in the country, almost as a cryptic proverb and recognized as the godfather of contemporary hackers.

It’s also for this reason that the scores in the computer departments in the country have escalated to a horrible high.

Diverse versions on the legend of Q were widely spread out, but no one could find clues about him. 

Qin Ran didn’t bother to look up. There were no outsiders so she casually stretched her legs. Her white hands holding the towel were illuminated by the bright lights, “Hang up.”

“So fast?” Gu Xichi smiled and thanked the woman who benevolently showed him the way, turned his eyes back onto the mobile phone screen, paused, and said before Qin Ran reached out to close the link: “Xiao Raner, your present situation is dangerous.”

Note: Black Hat conference/Briefings –  is a computer security conference that provides security consulting, training, and briefings to hackers, corporations, and government agencies around the world (wikipedia)


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