SWPF – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Heart, a little itchy

The He Lian family stayed for some time before they left.

“Uncle, thank you.” Lu Xingzhi knew very well that Huo Jinchen did all this for her to gain foothold in the Huo’s family.

“Don’t mention it. There’s no need to be polite between us.” After all, they will be living together for a lifetime.

Huo Jinchen went to fetch her ointment and applied it on her face. Her face is not as big as his palm, how could it be so small.

Lu Xingzhi: “There should be.”

Huo Jinchen: “…”

Should it?

What should there be?

Being polite?

Huo Jinchen did not stay with Lu Xingzhi at home all day and went to the company in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, he has arranged a lot of things. 

At first, he had planned on introducing Lu Xingzhi at a later date. But looking past these few days, he felt it necessary to inform others that she is his.

He hadn’t planned on doing anything, but it just so happened that the youngest daughter of the Lan family is holding a coming of age ceremony.

Huo Jinchen has never been interested in such banquets, but this time, it clicked into his mind that it was the perfect chance for him to pull it off.

He doesn’t want to hold an engagement banquet first, because this should be prepared in detail and not hastily.

Two days later, Lu Xingzhi’s face was as smooth as ever.

She and He Lianxi went to watch Huo Jinyan’s movie.

Lu Xingzhi was deeply moved. Huo Jinyan deserves to be the best actor. His acting skills are beyond perfect. He can completely capture everyone’s attention.

Huo Jinchen didn’t know that they went to watch the movie. He didn’t need to go to the company on Saturdays. He recalled that Huo Jinyan’s movie has been released. As a brother, he should also contribute to the box office.

He initially wanted to bring Lu Xingzhi during the premiere, but that didn’t happen. 

When he invited Lu Xingzhi, he got such an answer.

“Watch Jinyan’s movie? I’ve already watched it with Xixi yesterday. When it was released two days ago, she asked me to go watch it. But it was cancelled because of He Lian Yi.”

Realizing that Huo Jinchen’s face is getting dimmer, she compromised, “Uncle, do you want to go to the movies? If you want to go, I can accompany you.”

Huo Jinchen isn’t blaming Lu Xingzhi. He just feels that He Lian Xi is a bit annoying. This kind of watching movies doesn’t need her at all.

“Since you’ve seen it, it’s fine.” He didn’t want to watch a movie, he just wants to accompany Lu Xingzhi.

It’s also a date in disguise.

“Jinyan’s acting skills are very good, and the plot is also impressive. I can watch it again.”

He stared at her clear eyes as if swirling in a pool of spring water, with the tips arched on the sides. Furthermore, they are so loveable.

The pair were totally discordant, but so bewitching.

Having her stare at him so intently, Huo Jinchen felt a bit of discomfort.

And so he reached out and covered Lu Xingzhi’s eyes.

Lu Xingzhi couldn’t understand Huo Jinchen’s purpose. She blinked and her thick long eyelashes, which resembled brushes, scratched Huo Jinchen’s palm.

His palm is a bit itchy.

And his heart is also a little itchy.

“Uncle?” After more than ten seconds, Lu Xingzhi finally couldn’t help speaking.

With her eyes covered, his eyes easily fell on her red lips.

The picture of the drunk Lu Xingzhi suddenly flashed before his eyes, he kissed these delicate lips.

As soft as marshmallows.

Huo Jinchen released his hand and looked away.

“Where do you want to go today?”

“I want to eat roast duck. I have been here at capital for so long, but I haven’t eaten it yet!” Lu Xingzhi just heard that Beijing’s roast duck is delicious, but she hasn’t tasted it yet.

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