SWPF – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Okay

She is only eighteen years old, but much better than the first time they’ve met Chen Xinzi.

It’s no wonder that for so many years, Jinchen has always looked down on Chen Xinzi.

“Who else are there at home?” Wen Ruya didn’t want to expose Lu Xingzhi’s scars, but just asked casually.

“It’s just me.” Seeing Wen Ruya’s guilty eyes, Lu Xingzhi smiled and comforted, “Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m fine. We can’t stop anyone from getting old or sick.”

He Lian Yi was arrested by Lu Xingzhi too. He did not expect Lu Xingzhi to have no relatives at home.

“Good girl.” Wen Ruya patted her back gently, “We’ve wronged you.”

“Uncle, Aunt, the one who should apologize is He Lian Yi.” Huo Jinchen was afraid that Lu Xing would be uncomfortable, and he reminded He Lian Yi to start.

His tone broke no room for argument.

He Lian Yi reluctantly said, “I’m sorry.”

Not entirely reluctant, but also guilty and sincere.

Lu Xingzhi’s face is still red and swollen, he’s well aware of how much force he used yesterday.

It’s just too awkward.

Watching him hold his breath, Lu Xingzhi couldn’t help laughing.

When this proud and ferocious wolf dog comes before Huo Jinchen, he transforms into a submissive little sheep.

“Yesterday, I slapped you, and today I’ll pay back with ten slaps.” He Lian Yi was indeed aggrieved. He really didn’t want to hit anyone.

Holding out his hand, he hit his own face employing equal force.

Wen Ruya is still distressed seeing his son slapping his own face, but this time, he deserves it and is a lesson for him.

Despite her distress, she said nothing.

“Enough!” Lu Xingzhi cried after he hit himself.

She knew that Huo Jinchen is doing this to reinforce her standing. He has been kind to her, and she naturally didn’t want to embarrass him.

“Okay, you are a public figure. Your face is more valuable than mine. Four slaps can be healed for several days. It is enough to pay back my slap.”

Lu Xingzhi has figured out Huo Jinchen’s point. She also knew that it must be him who asked them to visit today.

Her gratitude for Huo Jin has risen to another notch.

He is so good, how can she repay him?

Lu Xingzhi is troubled, she has nothing!

“Now that you know it, don’t come asking for trouble again. There is no next time.”

“Xiao Zhi, you are too kind.” He Lian Xi hugged her, “You should have let him slap more so he can learn from his mistake.”

“I’m not kind, but his slap wasn’t meant for me. If I hadn’t pulled you out, he’d never have touched my face.” Lu Xingzhi said matter-of-factly.

He Lian Yi: “…”

Give him a moment.

“Good girl, if you have time, let Xiao Xi take you home to play.” Wen Ruya’s impression on Lu Xing is very good. She knows how to advance and retreat, and what’s within the norms.

She didn’t call it off the first time, and said nothing nice after he had finished hitting himself, but still gave her son a step down.

Seeing the surging love of his own family for Lu Xingzhi, He Lian Yi hated that he didn’t complete the ten slaps.

That wasn’t much.

In fact, it’s not that he’s particularly disgusted by Lu Xingzhi.

It’s just that he couldn’t bear to see Chen Xinzi so sad. However, he himself is clear. 

Even without Lu Xingzhi, Huo Jinchen would never like her.

2 thoughts on “SWPF – Chapter 56”

  1. am I the only one confused by He Lian Yi’s point? he KNOWS that Jichen won’t like Xinzi… but he doesn’t want anyone else to be with him either because Xinzi likes him. The hell he’s wishing for? Jichen to stay single for life?


    1. What I gather from it is that he himself likes Chen Xinzi but because he knows that she doesn’t like him that way but like Huo Jinchen instead, He Lian Yi has made it his mission to grant her wish instead. Yet it’s also because of his love for her that he’s blinded to who she truly is or he could simply be in denial to her true personality.


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