LLW – Chapter 188

Chapter 188: You have to compensate me with a lady 3

Feng Chuge stood flabbergasted in place.

It never occurred to her that Meatball would nod … 

That’s right … he just nodded.

Feng Chuge gritted her teeth again. “Di Jue Chen, what did you do to Meatball?”

“What can I do to him? This cat is just too well-behaved, he’s also honest …” Di Jue Chen shrugged and countered with innocence plastered across his face.

Seeing his composure, Feng Chuge’s lips twitched violently.

Does this person have such a thick skin, ahahah?!!

Di Jue Chen’s  silky lips suddenly flicked a trace of evil, and he slowly came forward.

That charm made Feng Chuge’s heart jump on edge.

“What are you going to do?”

Di Jue Chen remained silent, and just kept moving forward–

Deep in those purple eyes was some twinkles, whether amusement or otherwise.

While he was approaching her, Feng Chuge stepped back until she reached the wall and couldn’t step back any further.

She could even feel the warmth of the air falling on her face.

What appeared in front of her was his enlarged face and his purple eyes.

With his face almost within reach, her eyes relatively closed against his warm breath.

Immediately, a mystifying air was born.

Di Jue Chen suddenly stretched out his hand, and let his ten long fingers run through her hair.

 Feng Chuge’s eyes flickered coldly, condensed, and dodged wanting to get away from him.

After her last promotion, Feng Chuge has now a level up in spirits.

In a minute, she used no pretense and went straight at Di Jue Chen.

Sensing her retaliation, Di Jue Chen grinned, making the smile on the corner of the lips appear even more evil. He would never let himself be bullied, so he embraced Feng Chuge in his arms.

“Wife, you’re being bad –”

After that, he didn’t wait for Feng Chuge to react. He wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her up.

With four eyes now parallel to each other, her head seemed giddy with her head spinning. 

This was the second time he has kissed her.

Feng Chuge got astonished at first, and then came annoyance.

Perhaps sensing the changes in Feng Chuge’s mood, the smile on Di Jue Chen’s lips deepened once more….

The kiss was strongly domineering and possessive.

The purple tint of his eyes darkened as the second passed by.

Feng Chuge blinked coldly, and suddenly bit his lips fiercely.

Di Jue Chen was pained so his hands slightly loosened.

Taking advantage of this, Feng Chuge suddenly leaped and kicked Di Jue Chen and threw him over her shoulders. 

This use of modern fighting techniques was without the slightest amount of spiritual power.

And Di Jue Chen was caught off guard, never having known of this trick of Feng Chuge….


His body was thrown backwards, but using his powers to counter falling, he finally stabilized himself before falling and avoided kissing the floor.

When he stood still, his purple eyes shone more enchanting.

“Woman, you really like murdering your husband.”

 Feng Chuge stood aside with full vigilance. “I only kill scums–“

“You’re saying you’re a scum woman?” Di Jue Chen smiled, his eyes filled with doting that even he hadn’t noticed.

Feng Chuge’s eyes were about to spit fire.

The arc of Di Jue Chen’s lips sank deeper. He glanced at the moonlight outside. “You are the lady I am going to marry, the kiss just now was the interest I was collecting ~”

“Shameless!” Feng Chuge snarled.

Di Jue Chen smiled deeper–

“I know my lady likes the shameless me the most …”

  “…” Feng Chuge swears that she has never seen such a shameless person!

Di Jue Chen’s beautiful brows softened, “It’s late, rest early …”

Rest early?

Feng Chuge blinked, facing his twinkling eyes …


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