TOCH – Chapter 393

Chapter 393: I’m not familiar with you

Not knowing whether Luo Yibei would return, she only prepared a few dishes, all of which were seafood.

Though only a few, it took a long time. 

Mainly because of her poor culinary skills. She has been preparing simple dishes so it has always  been easy too. But she just couldn’t master something a bit complex.

One of the four dishes tonight took her at least an hour.

After all the preparations were done, Fang Chixia stood at the table and surveyed her work. It felt almost perfect, and so she rummaged out a few candles and lit them on the table, replacing the roses on the table with a fresh bunch.

It was around nine when she was all done.

Staring at the table alight with candles, she took out her cell phone and took several photos one after another as collection.

Luo Yibei did not return, nor did he make a phone call.

Fang Chixia sat in the living room and waited for a while, secretly wondering whether he would return directly to the Luo’s mansion or was still busy at the company and was working overtime.

Luo Yibei has indeed dealt with a lot of business deals today. After adding a few hours of work, Su Ran called when he came out of the company building, “Are you still at work?”

“En.” Luo Yibei replied mindlessly.

Su Ran seemed very happy as her voice reeking with smiles, “Come here, I hosted a birthday party for you in my house. Uncle, aunt, Xiao Zuo, and all our friends are here!”

Luo Yibei was taken aback, not expecting her to make such an arrangement.

“Come straight out of the company, everyone is waiting for you!” Su Ran didn’t wait for him to answer, and immediately ended the call.

By the time Luo Yibei arrived, it was almost half past nine.

The Su’s villa was grand and Su Ran was the princess living in the castle. Obviously, there was only one person living in the mansion, but there were many domestic servants.

The party was held on the lawn of the garden. When Luo Yibei arrived, the Luo couple, Tong Yan and Shi Jinyang were all there.

In fact, Tong Yan and Su Ran were not at all close, but because of her relationship with Luo Yibei, they’ve met several times. 

And today, she was invited by Su Ran.

Tong Yan’s personality has covers a clear distinction between love and hate. She would never give face to anyone she doesn’t appreciate. When Su Ran invited her, she directly refused with, “I am not familiar with you.”

Then hang up directly.

However, thinking that Luo Yibei might be there, she changed her mind.

To put it plainly, Tong Yan came with the purpose of spying on Luo Yibei and Su Ran.

Upon arrival, she found a seat and settled there for a while. She wasn’t surprised to see Luo Yibei, but still unable to mask her frown. 

Now that he’s here, what would Xia Xia do?

“Yibei, you’re here!” Su Ran walked over to him a few steps happily, hugged him in front of so many people, and tugged him to the dining area she has specially prepared for him.

“What do you think? I didn’t know what taste you’re craving today so I asked the chef at home to prepare a dish of your favorites around the world.” She asked graciously, giving the impression of the ideal hostess.

“En.” Luo Yibei answered flippantly, his thoughts drifting away.

It’s over nine o’clock now. What would that woman be doing at home?

“Hi, brother!” Xiao Zuo, who was dressed in a little gentleman’s suit, waved his hand and smiled at him in greeting.

Luo Yibei took a seat randomly, took a glass of wine from the waiter and took a sip, ignoring him.

Instead of getting pissed, Xiao Zuo ran and sat beside him.

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