MYVD – Chapter 3.2

First Middle School has an art class. Ning Qing still remembers that Qin Ran had been learning the violin pretty well when she was a child. Her studies may be disastrous, but she can change paths and learn arts as a way out. 

She never expected that Qin Ran would hand her such a huge “surprise.”

Lin Qi has long known that Qin Ran was a thorn on the side after browsing through her profile this afternoon. Her aggressiveness however is simply beyond his expectation.

Zhang Sao poured a cup of tea for Ning Qing, which she took and drank heavily. It took her a moment to cool herself off, but made no mention of the matter anymore. Despite that, her tight back gave off her displeasure.

Lin Qi’s business was busy so naturally, he has no spare time to tour Chen Shulan and Qin Ran around. 

Or it was likely that he thought it was unnecessary. 

After the meal, everyone basically scattered separately.

When Qin Yu saw Lin Jinxuan answering a phone call and heading out, she excused herself to Ning Qing obediently and went upstairs to play the violin.

Ning Qing looked at her youngest daughter and then to her firstborn. They are obviously her seeds, but the difference between them was just heaven and earth.

“Stay with your grandmother temporarily on the third floor, and I’ll let Zhang Sao clean up another room later,” Ning Qing grimaced while rubbing her temples to quell the anger simmering in her heart. Then she added, “The second floor is your sister’s music room. Don’t bother her in any way.”

As soon as Qin Yu left, her gentleness faded.

Qin Ran, who was leaning against the staircase, nodded indifferently.

The knot that choked Ning Qing the whole day finally eased up at Qin Ran’s obedience. At the end of the day, she was born out of her and her sentiments couldn’t be totally erased. 

Ning Qing and Chen Shulan started chatting to make up for lost time. When Ning Qing saw Qin Ran picking up her phone again, her brows knitted. 

It just so happened that the music door on the second floor was left open so in a moment, the gentle and melodious voice of the violin pervaded the floor.


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