LLW – Chapter 187

Chapter 187: You have to compensate me with a lady 2

Feng Chuge was completely in the sea.

What did he say?

Give him a lady??

Is there anything wrong with him!!

She peered closely at Di Jue Chen’s eyes again, but was only met with mischievous eyes.

Feng Chuge took a breath and stabilized her mind. “Relax, your excellency is the young master of Tiandifu, there’s no need to worry about finding you a wife. As long as you give the order, countless women would be willing to marry you.”

That’s true.

Out there, how many women have wished to see Di Jue Chen’s renown appearance, let alone the countless women who are dreaming of becoming the young lady of Tiandifu.

For example, Yan Qing … the woman who openly claimed that she was his fiancee.

“Those women are unworthy of my eyes, no thanks.” Di Jue Chen’s eyes flickered at her reassurance. “It would be better if you give me yourself …”

Feng Chuge was glad she hasn’t taken a drink at the moment, otherwise, she’s afraid she would have sprayed it on his face.

“What did you say?!” She ended up unable to keep her cool anymore.

She’s only been kind to him because of his saving grace last night.

But at this moment, she’s fed up. 

“You purposely came here looking for a fight, right? If you’re so free, just go outside for a few laps! Don’t come to me to find your sense of existence!”

Di Jue Chen watched the woman who was blowing her hair in front of him, and his thin lips hooked instinctively. This is how she should be. “Why would I come to you for a fight? I’m here to find my lady.” 

“…” That so-called tolerance, no more, enough. Feng Chuge scowled. “Get out! If you still linger here, don’t blame me for being rude!”

“My lady is here. What am I going to do outside?”

“I’m not your lady !!!” Feng Chuge gnashed her teeth and snapped. “Go look for another lady!”

“You just agreed to compensate me.”

Feng Chuge never thought that the young master of Tiandifu turned out to be as stubborn as dog skin plaster.

His temperament actually reminded her of the little devil.

It’s just that….

Achen is just a child, and it was understandable for him to say such naive words.

But this one is really an adult!

“When did I agree?”

“Of course you agreed … even that stupid cat heard it clearly.” Di Jue Chen said, stretching a finger and pointing at Meatball. “If you don’t believe me, you ask him …”

At this moment, Meatball was nestling in the bed, but his body shivered unnoticeably.

Seeing Di Jue Chen suddenly pointing at himself, Meatball screamed twice.

A pair of blue eyes looked back cautiously at Di Jue Chen, while shivering slightly …

The breath of this big devil and that little devil is completely similar!

“Come on, cute cat, I’m asking you, did your master agree to be my lady before?” His voice rang again.

Meatball sobbed. It’s just that Di Jue Chen was still looking at him with a pair or purple eyes.

At the same time, a particularly powerful momentum shot directly at him, making Meatball breathless.

He shook twice, and finally nodded like a human being, “Meow …”

“Did you see that? You can’t take it back.” Di Jue Chen crossed his hands across his chest, leaned proudly on one side, raised his head, and blinked at Feng Chuge …

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