SWDP – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: So generous

“Of course, a smart person like me must do something prescient!” Mu Huan seconded proudly.

Wu Xingye glanced at her, “Hmph, you just thought about the food in the gourmet shop, okay? You have such a great vision!”

“Go, you know too much!” Mu Huan rolled her eyes. 

“Of course, I’m all-knowing. What you two wanted to know, didn’t you get them from me? I’m well-known as the prince of communications at MasterCard!”

“Che!” Mu Huan and Li Meng snorted at the same time.

“Tsk! Cut the mutton! Let’s start with three plates of hand-cut mutton!” Wu Xingye said.

“This lamb is so delicious. Let’s take six dishes.” Mu Huan ordered.

“Alright, you’re so generous today!” Wu Xingye teased.

“Let’s eat all we can today! We’ll all hold the wall out in a minute!” Mu Huan approved arrogantly.

“Can I order a good wine?” Wu Xingye’s eyes brightened.

“What good wine, beer is best paired with hot pot! Beer is enough!”

Wu Xingye stumbled twice, “Okay, let’s make a night of it!”

“You two can stay until you’re drunk, I can’t drink.” Mu Huan stated her position in advance.

“On such a happy day, you won’t drink?” Wu Xingye and Li Meng asked in unison.

“I swore, if I drink again, I will chop my hands!” Mu Huan was traumatized by her drunkenness the last time!

“It’s all right, if you chop one, you still have the other!” Wu Xingye countered.

“Get out!”

Wu Xingye reached out and pinched Mu Huan’s face, pretending to be furious, “Little girl, who did you just drive away!”

Meanwhile, Bao Junyan, who was sitting in the car, lifted his head from his documents and happened to witness this scene. His eyes sank, put down the documents in his hand, and pushed the door, marching towards the hot pot restaurant.

Assistant Wang, who came out from the restaurant next to him, saw Bo Junyan coming out. Thinking that he had kept his president waiting too long, he hurried forward excused himself, “Sorry President, this restaurant is particularly famous. I’d have to wait for some time.”

“You take and eat it. Cancel my next trip.”

Before Assistant Wang could respond, Bao Junyan had already entered the hot pot restaurant.

Assistant Wang: “…” 

Why did the president go to a hot pot restaurant? The president has always disliked eating hot pot, and thought that with so many people eating in the same pot, it is unhygienic …

Mu Huan reached out and slapped Wu Xingye’s hand. “Don’t move your feet, this sister is a married woman.”

Mu Huan is a person with a strong sense of morality. No matter what reason she married Bao Junyan, she is indeed a married woman. No matter how good her male friends are, they must keep a distance.

“Alright, married woman.” Wu Xingye thought that this married woman is funny and couldn’t help reaching out to rub her head.

Without notice, his hand rose mid-air and was caught by a firm grip. The force was so strong he could almost feel his wrist breaking!

He looked up in shock.

Just wanted to ask, who is it.

But heard.

“Hus…Husband…” Mu Huan stuttered.

Bao Junyan glanced at Mu Huan, and looked back at him sternly. “Since you know she is married, don’t move your hands.”

Wu Xingye, “…”

This man is Mu Huan’s husband? So young and so handsome? Look at that physique!

He looked at Mu Huan and asked instinctively, “Didn’t you say that you are married to a thirty-year-old man?”

Mu Huan, “…”

Bao Junyan is indeed, thirtyish …

“Thirty-year-old man?” Bao Junyan looked at Mu Huan.

Mu Huan, “…”

She is certain, he’s thirty….

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