MYVD – Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3: Chinese League

Qin Ran nibbled earnestly on a piece of ribs with her head lowered and undisturbed.

Ning Qing was about to explode when Lin Qi glanced at her.

She put up with the fire and repeatedly chanted a spell to calm herself down. 

Qin Ran was sitting unrestrained with legs overlapping, holding a pair of chopsticks with one hand and left the other lying on the table.

The image of a proud and wild gangster.

Seemingly hearing the conversation across the table, Qin Ran raised her eyes. 

Lin Jinxuan also looked up at her when she heard that Qin Ran had learned the violin.

She heard Qin Ran answer, “The violin?”

At this point, Qin Ran rested her chin on her hand and suddenly beamed, then with a dull cool voice added, “Well, I didn’t.”

“No? Why not? You’ve started learning when you were young,” The joints on Ning Qing’s hand bulged as she gripped her chopsticks, “I sent you a sum of money every year to learn the violin. Even Teacher Xu said you’re gifted …”

“Oh,” Qin Ran twiddled with the ribs slowly. “We haven’t seen Teacher Xu from the time I bashed his second son’s head.” 

A weird silence settled in the middle of the dining table.

Qin Ran chuckled, revealing a cold villainous smile.

Her delicate brows were shining with teenage defiance, but on closer inspection, have a speck of ruthlessness.

In Ning Qing’s words, she’s a ‘bandit, both a bandit and a savage, in line with the characters of a witch, tenacious yet untouchable.

What kind of immortal is she?

And what’s with that mischievous retort?

Ning Qing’s eyes burst red just by looking at her, “Qin Ran?!”


2 thoughts on “MYVD – Chapter 3.1”

  1. Teacher Xu’s son probably tried to take advantage of her and deserved it. But mom will ask about her money more probably.

    Thanks for the update!


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