EP – Chapter 207

Chapter 207: The Big Boss is not so inhumane

“This …” Zhou Tao was caught in a dilemma. “Wait a moment.”

Pushing open the door of the conference room, he walked quietly to Mu Tianye’s side and handed him his mobile phone.

The man frowned, “Can’t you see me in a meeting?”

It isn’t like he has been with him for only a day or two, did he forget the rule of no phones during conferences?

Zhou Tao didn’t say anything and just turned his phone screen to him.

Seeing the word “Madam.” above, Mu Tianye blinked and took the phone.

“What’s wrong?”

This tone was already a matter of concern.

Zhou Tao breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, no picking of phone calls yet?

“Sorry, I … I didn’t know you were in a meeting.”

“I’m not talking about you, what happened?”

“A friend invited me to dinner. Can I go?”

Ning Xiaofei didn’t dare to say that it was Xicheng. Before the show, the two had a show down.  She didn’t want to annoy him.

The corner of Mu Tianye’s eyes crinkled —sure enough, she now knows how to report to him when she goes out.

“I asked Zhou Tao to arrange a driver to see you off.”

Several shareholders exchanged looks, their eyes filled with scrutiny.

Listening to his tone, there’s no need to guess that he’s talking to a woman.

It seems that their big boss was not completely inhumane!

“No need, you still have a meeting, I will not disturb you longer.”

“Don’t stay out late, pay attention to safety.”

“Yes, husband. See you tonight!”

 The little girl hung up the phone happily, and seeing that it was almost five o’clock, she simply tidied herself up and quickly went downstairs. She informed Miss Liu not to prepare dinner for her and Mu Tianye, and then called Assistant Xu. Hearing her promise to go, Xu Yang immediately stated that he would pick her up.

“No, I’ll just take a cab to where you are.”

Xu Yang sent her an address-a private restaurant.

Ning Xiaofei checked the address on her mobile phone and pulled out her transportation card from her wallet — there was no money to take a taxi, so she had to take the subway.

Passing by the hallway, she noticed the skirt she was wearing and took a good look at herself in the mirror.

It’s not too ugly, was it suitable for taking a walk outside?

It’s a pity to buy clothes worth thousands of yuan and just wear them as pajamas at home.

Anyway, it’s just a meeting with Xicheng, not a date. There is no need to change clothes. She grabbed the door key and she walked out of the apartment door briskly. 

She rode a bus after getting out of the subway, walked two more streets, and finally found the private restaurant hidden in the depths of analley.

Without seeing the front desk, she walked into the entrance of the courtyard, and as soon as she passed the hall, she saw a tall evening cherry blossom tree in the courtyard blooming brightly, reflecting the lanterns hanging down from the cornices, like a beautiful scenery in a comic.

“So beautiful!”

She raised her face and sighed.

Upstairs facing the cherry tree by the window, Xicheng has already arrived in advance. He waited left and right and his patience was wearing thin.

Hearing the voice downstairs, he looked down and saw Ning Xiaofei under the cherry tree.

The hem of her dress was billowing along with the spring breeze, and her palm was raised to catch petals that were fluttering in the air.

The girl under the cherry blossoms has her skirt fluttering and her eyes reflecting the glow of the lantern under the gallery. Her side profile was smeared with a halo, and with her lips slightly raised, her beauty outshone the cherry tree laden with blossoms.

Watching her brimming with happiness, he froze, completely ensnared by this momentary beauty. 

Xu Yang raised a teapot and poured him tea. Perhaps his eyes also swept the figure downstairs outside the window, he immediately brightened. 

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