SWPF – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Apologize tomorrow

He Lian Xi has always been rational, so her parents are more forgiving and petting towards her.

“He Lian Xi, what benefit did Lu Xingzhi give you, to the extent that you have to sing her praises?” He Lian Yi simply suspects that Lu Xingzhi had drugged her.

“Does she need to give benefits? Did you think San Ge is as stupid as you? San Ge likes her very much, is he wrong? San Ge and San Sao are legitimate unmarried couples with tokens and marriage contracts. If she had forcibly robbed Chen Xinzi off her engagement, even if you teach her, I will never say anything.”

He Lian Xi on the other hand really doubts if Chen Xinzi has cast a spell on He Lian Yi to have him lower his head and be so obedient.

Despite her life-saving grace, their family has paid off for so many years!

“Well, your sister didn’t say anything wrong. I don’t care how much you care about Xinzi, but you shouldn’t have gone harassing Lu Xingzhi. What’s more, what have you done today, you slapped her. To this end, you’ve never even said a word of apology. You are so disappointing, if you don’t know how to distinguish right from wrong, I don’t have such an irresponsible son.”

When Wen Ruya heard her daughter recount the events today, she couldn’t believe how her son has turned out this way.

As parents, they never forced him to inherit the family business, and let him do whatever he wanted and pursue his dreams. They never hindered him, but bullying innocent girls really chills them.

“Mum, I … I didn’t mean it … who asked her to come here.”

“Enough! No matter why you hit her, you have to apologize tomorrow, and pay back ten times more.” He Lian Cheng ordered directly.

He Lian Yi couldn’t believe his ears: “What? Why? I’m not going to apologize to that country bumpkin!”

“This is what Jinchen said. This is just a warning. If you dare trouble Lu Xingzhi again, then wait for the He Lian family to sever ties with you first!” Rarely has He Lian Cheng talked to him so ruthlessly.

“Dad, San Ge would really rather embarrass me, his cousin, for a woman.” Today, He Lian Yi really felt that his outlook in life has been subverted.

“The young lady of the Huo Family isn’t someone you can easily bully. Besides, she’s not an ordinary woman, she’ the woman your San Ge has put on the apex of his heart.” He Lian Cheng really wants to pry open his head and see why he felt he is much more important.

He Lian Yi just couldn’t figure out how things turned grave, so he muttered: “She’s a scourge, a nine-taled fox, as long as she stays, she’ll certainly bewitch San Ge.”

He Lian Cheng furiously hurled a cup on the table at He Lian Yi.

“He Lian Yi, if you still say this, then I have to sever ties with you in advance. Before that, I will let people ruin Chen Xinzi. Otherwise, our hundred-year-old He Lian family will be destroyed by the both of you sooner or later. You should be glad that you are cousins, otherwise, you thought things would be settled so easily.”

“Isn’t it just going?” He Lian Yi is aggrieved, no one in his family is supporting him.

Early the next morning, Lu Xingzhi went downstairs and saw Huo Jinchen sitting in the lobby reading a newspaper.

The golden sunlight shone down on him, plating him with a halo, handsome and beautiful like a heavenly god.

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