LLW – Chapter 186

Chapter 186: You have to compensate me with a lady

He lay languidly against the door as if he has the time in the world.

His bright red thin slips were arched with a lopsided grin.

With the night breeze blowing, his dark hair fluttered behind him, where a few wisps flitting wildly. 

When Feng Chuge saw him, her pupils shrank slightly.

“You again?”

“Don’t you want to see me?” Di Jue Chen looked at her, his long and narrow brows arching up. 

“My temple is too little, how can I accommodate such a Buddha?”

He closed the door smoothly, then smiled at the corners of his lips and walked in slowly.

He found a chair and sat down.

He leaned against the chair seemingly careless, but flashes of interest in those purple eyes sparkled from time to time.

Looking at the teapot and cup on the table, he poured himself a cup of tea.

Everything was done in one go, exuding an inherent nobility with every move.

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched watching him.

Can this man be so familiar?

Slender fingers lifted the tea cup as he took a sip. After that, Di Jue Chen slowly opened his mouth, “I thought … you were upset because of the incident last night.”

Reminded of being kissed by him last night, Feng Chuge gritted her teeth.

However, looking at his playful eyes, she looked up and stared right back at him. “Upset? You’re thinking too much, I’ve already forgotten everything last night.”

No matter what, she can’t lose momentum!

“Really?” Di Jue Chen widened his eyes, and those purple eyes slammed straight into Feng Chuge’s heart.

His eyes are truly mesmerizing.

Beneath the candlelight, his purple eyes shone with a glittery breathtaking light.

Feng Chuge answered, “It was just an accident last night. I didn’t care much about it. Also, thank you for your life-saving grace last night.”

“I will be responsible for you—” Di Jue Chen seemed to have not heard Feng Chuge’s response. His long fingers gently turned the tea cup in his hand and retorted nonchalantly. 

Responsible for her?

Listening to this, Feng Chuge frowned.

She should have known that this man was up to nothing good.

Intuition was waving at her that this man is dangerous and should not be approached.

“No need …”

Looking at his grin, Feng Chuge snorted.

Not to mention, Di Jue Chen looks particularly similar to her Xiao Chen Chen.


Her Xiao Chen Chen would never be such a despicable man. 

Di Jue Chen slowly raised his head after hearing Feng Chuge refusal.

The grin on his face spread a bit more. “You don’t want me to be responsible, then … you can only take responsibility for me.”

“What?” Feng Chuge blurted in consternation.

Di Jue Chen rose and his long body stood opposite Feng Chuge. “I heard that you deliberately slandered me outside?”

“Your Excellency must be joking, nothing of that happened!”

“I heard that in your eyes, I am a pervert?

“…” Feng Chuge choked.

“I also heard that you think I’m shameless?” Di Jue Chen raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes shining in amusement.


“You slandered my reputation outside, and discredited me.”

These words caused Feng Chuge’s eyes to snap sharply.

She raised her eyes, but was again confronted by Di Jue Chen’s playful eyes. 

She was about to refute but the next words of Di Jue Chen completely made her speechless.

Seeing the arc on Di Jue Chen’s lips sinking deeper and more profound, she heard him say, “You may have abolished my chances of marrying a good woman.  So you have to compensate me my lady …”

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  1. 😂Chen`er is so cute here.🤭 I wonder how much longer before she finds out that her family’s Ah Chen and Jue Chen are one and the same person?😊

    Thanks for the chapter.💖

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