TOCH – Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Carry me out

“You only sing this song?” Luo Yibei gibed, looking down at her.

Fang Chixia, who was still in the fog, stared at him in bemusement, and her song immediately shifted to another tune, ““Can-you-feel-the-love-tonight……”

She hummed the theme song of the cartoon The Lion King ‘Can you feel the love tonight.”

Her throat must have dried out, because a few broken tones were croaked in the middle. 

Luo Yibei was speechless. But listening to her singing from time to time, his mood eased from his annoyance just now. 

Above all, the lyrics of her song were much pleasant to hear. 

He opened the bathroom door with his foot, and took her in. He sat her on the toilet, and turned his back.

Luo Yibei has grown to an adult, but for the first time in his life, eh waited for someone in the bathroom.

He remained poker-faced from beginning to end. 

Incidentally, Fang Chixia’s speed was rather slow.

Tonight, she seemed to have forgotten what being reserved was. With him still standing beside her, she persisted with her singing jovially. 

And she just hummed the same lyrics again and again in a single loop, continuously repeating the cycle with no signs of ending. 

It finally came to an end, when she stood up, wound her arms around his neck, and in the same fluffy voice commanded, “Carry me out!”

She was smiling, as if trying to cast a spell on him. 

A lot of her behavior has already gone beyond winning an inch, wanting a foot, but Luo Yibei said nothing to the end.

He wasn’t repulsed with her being spoiled and was even more hopeful that when she wakes up tomorrow, she’d continue doing and saying whatever she wants in front of him. 

What he hates the most was when she treats him indifferently, reminding him of some reasons she might have married him. 

“All right, I’ll carry you.” Turning around, he hoisted her soft body  and took her outside the bathroom.

Tonight, Fang Chixia was in a total mess. Back in the bedroom, she asked Luo Yibei to change her into her pajamas and let him wipe her clean. 

Luo Yibei generally would not refuse her for such things. For him, as long as she does not drink alcohol and go crazy in front of him.

At last, with great difficulty, she fell asleep. 

She quietly curled up, resembling a sleeping child. 

Luo Yibei stared at her calmly for a while, wondering if she was asleep or not. He suddenly said lightly, “Letting you deal with the signing today has nothing to do with seeing Ranran.

Fang Chixia’s sooty lashes were still, so he couldn’t tell if she has heard him. 

Luo Yibei said nothing more and instead tucked her under the quilt and lay down beside her.

The next day, he got up first.

Fang Chixia woke up with a splitting headache.

Luo Yibei stood beside her, watching her silently. He couldn’t wait for her to sober up and recall how much she had done last night.

“Morning.” Who knew, Fang Chixia only shot him a glance and rubbed her sore neck while heading to the bathroom. 

She didn’t look like she remembers anything. On the contrary, she was more dazed and unperturbed by it. 

He ended up silent with a blank look.

Luo Yibei surmised that she wouldn’t remember anytime soon, so he swung around and went downstairs first.

After Fang Chixia washed, she walked down holding a book in her hand.

“Today there is an exam at school. I won’t be going to the company.” Seeing him, she explained briefly, turned around and left.

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