EP – Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Famous beauty of City A

“Of course.” Miss Liu’s eyes sparkled with some nostalgia. “Mrs. is a famous beauty in City A. People say that she and her husband were both talented and beautiful. And the young master’s appearance is proof of it.”

“That’s true.”

Ning Xiaofei nodded in agreement. Having given birth to such a son, the mother’s genes must be similar.

Ning Xiaofei knew that Mu’s father died early from illness.

At the start of school, the professor who taught in their drama class, also lamented about “that great talent”, and said that if Father Mu had insisted on writing; if he hadn’t abandoned his pen, he would have been the first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize. He requested them to read his books and write reports.

In fact, as early as in high school, Ning Xiaofei has read Mu’s father’s books. Only then did she came to know that they were actually alumni.

The professor hasn’t exaggerated. Father Mu’s books were really jewels barbed with words of wisdom and sharp language. His style of writing took after the great writer Lu Xun a bit, one of the writers that Ning Xiaofei idolized.

Ning Xiaofei couldn’t help chuckling at this thought. 

Speaking of which, Mu Tianye’s wisdom and poisonous tongue were probably inherited from his father.

“Is Mrs. Mu with grandpa abroad?”

“This …” Miss Liu smile bitterly, staring at her for a moment, “Hasn’t the young master mentioned her to you?”

Ning Xiaofei shook her head.

 “Then …” Miss Liu smiled. “Then you better ask him in the future. The greatest taboo for us servants here is talking out of our bounds.”

Having worked as a servant for many years at Mu’s house, of course, Liu Ye is well-versed in the rules.

The people he hates the most in the world are those who chew their tongues. What should and shouldn’t be said must be measured.

As it happens, Ning Xiaofei’s cell phone rang, and Miss Liu stood up.

“Get on with your work. I’ll clean up the kitchen.”

Is there any secret about Mrs. Mu?

Ning Xiaofei answered the call with a little doubt. Ji Mo’s number was displayed on the screen so she hurriedly tapped the answer button.

“Director Ji.”

“I was in a hurry just now, and I didn’t have time to talk to you in person. Xiao Fei, I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault either.”

“No, I should apologize to you.” Ji Mo paused slightly on the other end of the phone. “Similarly, she should go to jail. This time, I would like to thank you and President Mu for giving me face. This is why I called first, I want to thank you. And second, I wanted to tell you something. Mr. Xicheng has already heard everything from me. He now knows the whole truth, and promised not to pursue it again. You’ve been greatly wronged in in this matter. Xiao Fei, I’m really sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me this time… I begged on her behalf.”

Ji Mo’s relationship with Pei Ruoxi has always been questionable. Of course, Ning Xiaofei has guessed some of them from the attention Ji Mo has showered her in the group. But since he has explained to Xicheng, she does not intend to entangle any more.

“Forget it, everything has passed, I hope she can keep her word in the future!”

Mu Tianye’s punishment was already severe enough. She only hopes that Pei Ruoxi will learn her lesson this time around, focus on her career and stop doing such harmful things.

“I’ll remind her. Then take a good rest. Tomorrow, we will work overtime to go over the content of the next program at nine in the morning, don’t be late.”

As soon as the call was disconnected, Zhou Tao call replaced it, informing her that Mu Tianye was going to have a meeting with shareholders for dinner and would be home late and that she didn’t have to wait.

“Did he want me to come?”

“The president said no.”

“Then …” Ning Xiaofei asked quickly, “Can I go out for dinner tonight?”

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