SWPF – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Kneel

He Lian Yi acknowledged his mistake, but said, “As far as I’m concerned, it was all that country girl, Lu Xingzhi’s fault. If it hadn’t intervened out of nowhere, there wouldn’t have been these things.”

“On your knees!” He Lian Cheng rebuked.

His head is really aching with annoyance, “I think it’s you who have problems with all three views.”

“Dad, you’re serious.” He Lian Yi is incredulous. “Does my mother know you’re treating me this way?”

“I know.” Wen Ruya stepped out of the room, and He Lian Xi followed her.

Seeing He Lian Xi, He Lian Yi gave her a stern glance.

“Xiao Yi, this time your mother is on your father’s side. It is not your sister who is uneducated, but you. If you are good to Xenzi, Mom and Dad have no opinions. But you went took two or three trips to harass an innocent girl because of her. Have you no shame? Let me ask you, do you still want to save face?”

Wen Ruya is a gentle and elegant woman, and has always been very indulgent to her children.

However, she was really furious when she heard what her daughter said today.

This senseless son, he has turned into a fool. 

“Mom, how can you even say that. I only did it for San ge, where does that Lu Xingzhi match him. She’s just a country bumpkin. As for Sister Xinzi, she worked hard to be outstanding for San ge’s sake. They are a better match.” Though He Lian Yi is claiming this, he is also eaten with guilt. 

“When you brought that white lotus back home, wasn’t she also a country bumpkin? She was dirty and ugly, and unkempt. Even I could read her ambition in her eyes. She was a wild student at a diploma hill at that time. It was Dad who gave her money and sent her to the Music Academy.” 

He Lian Xi showed Wen Ruya the picture of Lu Xingzhi taken on her mobile phone. “Mom, look, isn’t my brother blind? Just look at her, he actually said that she is a country bumpkin. I hadn’t known, you can’t tell from her temperament. Moreover, my photo is less than a third of her in person.”

“If so, then your brother’s eyes are really flawed.” Wen Ruya nodded. Such a child actually said that this girl is a country bumpkin, but there’s not a bit of a hint from her whole figure.

Compared to Chen Xinzi, there’s no doubt that she is a far cry like clouds and mud.  

“Mom, how can you say such a thing?” He Lian Yi admits that Lu Xingzhi is good-looking, but he would never voice it out.

“Humph, mom is just telling the truth. You despise Xiao Zhi, and you’re saying that Chen Xinzi worked hard. But Chen Xinzi is one year older than Xiao Zhi now. How do you know that Xiao Zhi won’t be better than Chen Xinzi when she works hard too.” He Lian Xi is very angry, her brother has misunderstood Lu Xingzhi too badly.

“Furthermore, Chen Xinzi as a talented pianist is completely blown out. Without her face value, people would only praise her as good.” He Lian Xi really can’t appreciate Chen Xinzi’s skills as powerful. 

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