LLW – Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Arrogant and shameless pervert!

Feng Chuge’s yard has not been so lively for a long time since coming to Yuntian College.

Today, Feng Chuge personally cooked and made a bowl of Achen’s favorite noodles.

Achen ate with relish, and after eating in one breath, he found Feng Chuge sitting on one side and looking at him up and down.

“Woman, don’t look at me like that, I know I’m too handsome.” Achen glanced at Feng Chuge and remarked without blinking an eyelid.

Feng Chuge, who has become immune to Achen’s narcissism, has not much of a reaction and just focused more on the fact that Achen had made a noise to stop herself from killing Yan Qing, so she asked, “Little devil, why didn’t you let me kill that woman?”

“She said you wouldn’t be better off after killing her …” Achen thought of something again, suddenly raised his head, and said solemnly. “Wife, Di Jue Chen will definitely not fancy that woman.”

Upon hearing this, Feng Chuge raised her eyebrows lightly, “How did you know?”

“Everyone in your family thinks that woman is superficial, of course Di Jue Chen must have known it too.”

Feng Chuge pursed her lips on the side. “Who knows? That man might be a superficial man, too.”

“How is that possible?” Achen refuted, lowering his eyelids lightly.

 “How would you know if you haven’t seen him?” Speaking of Di Jue Chen, Feng Chuge’s stomach was full of fire. She gritted her teeth. “Although that man looks good, he is arrogant, shameless, and perverted !!”




Whenever Feng Chuge spit out each of these three words, the arc of Achen’s lips rose higher and higher …

After Feng Chuge breathed fire, she didn’t forget to rub Achen’s small face, “Achen, don’t be like that man in the future, or you won’t be able to marry a wife in the future !!”

Achen suddenly raised his head and smiled brightly. He watched Feng Chuge for a long time and only said, “Wife, give me another bowl of noodles …”

Obviously, it was just an ordinary demand, but it can drive one’s body shaking….


After the class in the afternoon, Feng Chuge sent Achen to his yard.

Looking around, she first ensured that the environment where Achen’s courtyard was safe enough before leaving.

After Feng Chuge left, Bei Xuan breathed a long sigh of relief. “It is still wise for the master to go to the dean and change the yard early in the morning. Otherwise, if she returns to the courtyard tonight, you will be exposed immediately.”

Achen leaned lazily against the chair, his thin lips raised slightly, and  his mind miles away…

Night comes.

Feng Chuge sat cross legged on the bed, circulating the spiritual power in her body.

After advancing that day, the spiritual power she has garnered has not completely stabilized until now.

Opening her eyes, Feng Chuge exhaled breathlessly.

At this moment, she clearly felt that her senses has become sharper.

Meatball was lying on one side, but not as lazy as in the past. His pair of blue eyes were scanning the surroundings, as if watching out for something.

He has a hunch….

Tonight, it won’t pass as calmly as it is now….

Sure enough, after searching around, he suddenly found something and was instantly horrified. 

 “Meow—” A long wail broke the night as Meatball rushed inside.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Chuge, who has just stabilized her spirits, smoothed her wrinkled dress.

Feng Chuge frowned as a familiar scent penetrated the air.

Her eyes narrowed shooting a glance towards the window, where she found a man dressed in a black brocade.

Today, he was dressed in black, blending into the night, only the golden flame stripes lining the hems of his clothes sparkled faintly under the moonlight. His face was white embedded with those purple eyes, which now are blinking playfully.

M’s Corner: Now, I’m envisioning nightly frolics for our MC and ML, ahahha,

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