MYVD – Chapter 2.3

Ning Qing felt proud listening to her praise. This is the daughter she has spent countless efforts to cultivate.

Chen Shulan is also very pleased, but she feels a little uncomfortable at Zhang Sao’s undertone.

The smile on her face faded a little.

Upon Qin Yu’s return, she walked directly to Lin Jinxuan and curled her hands around Jin Jinxuan’s arm, smiling up to him, “Brother, why are you back?”

“I’ve a project to deal with.” Lin Jinxuan narrowed his eyes, but replied with a rare gentleness.

At the end of the day, she’s the only girl in the Lin family. Qin Yu is favored in the Lin Family and Lin Jinxuan indulges her some.

As he spoke, he glanced over at Qin Ran, who has now stuffed one hand in her pocket while playing with her phone with the other hand against the sofa. With her eyes down, nothing can be read from her profile. 

Noticing the strange light flashing on Lin Jinxuan’s eyes, Qin Yu looked sideways subconsciously. 

Ning Qing has given her a forewarning on the way back so she naturally knows Qin Ran’s existence.

She paused a bit on Qin Ran’s face and averted her eyes blandly. 

The maid soon set up dinner. 

While eating, Lin Qi shot Qin Ran a glance and voiced out after a thought, “First Middle School, you can keep an eye on each other later on.”

There’s no rush. 

After Lin Qi spoke, the atmosphere at the dinner table changed.

Qin Yu was silently eating, but when she heard Lin Qi, her hand paused. 

She glanced at Qin Ran and smiled mockingly. “First Middle School? Same level as me?”

Qin Ran is a year older than Qin Yu. 

Even Zhang Sao, who was standing and waiting on them, couldn’t help but look at Qin Ran, seemingly jeering.

Then quickly bowed down. 

Tsk, just as she has thought, Qin Ran came to Yuncheng to attend school.

Ning Qing stiffened. She has never felt so humiliated since marrying into the Lin family for so many years.

Lin Qi, who was next to her, remained composed and issued in the same mild tone. “Your sister has to repeat her senior year because of something.”

Repeating her senior year, she’d never get any better on her grades no matter what. 

“I see.”

Qin Yu chuckled, “Oh-”

She nodded and stopped abruptly. 

Who in the Lin Family doesn’t know that Qin Yu has dominated the top five in her grade.

Ning Qing finally reacted. In fact, she meant to plug Qin Ran into a private school, but did not expect Lin Qi to let her attend First Middle School.

First Middle School is the best school famous in Yuncheng.

Not to mention Qin Ran’s black history and horrible track record, Lin Qi still has to make an effort and would likely owe the principal of First Middle School a favor.

The First Middle School is basically a school tyrant, while Qin Ran is the total opposite. 

“But First Middle School is not a good choice.” Ning Qing is well aware of this. This basin instantly wiped her appetite out.

Before long, a thought struck her, “RanRan, I remember you had enrolled in a violin class when you were a kid? What level are you now?”

First Middle School has art classes. 


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