EP – Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Big liar

She’s well aware of letting the flames cool down . At this moment, Mu Tianye has helped her out and everyone stood by her. If there weren’t him earlier, who they would be standing with, there’s no surety!

The wall has crumbled down and the crowd is now cursing Pei Ruoxi harshly. All those who have patted her ass before, are now screaming the loudest. 

These people are nothing but wall grass, and she won’t be flattered by their show.

With Mu Tianye’s absence, everyone also relaxed and began to enjoy the food-the seafood dinner at the five-star restaurant. After all, it was not something they could easily eat.

After dinner, Ning Xiaofei sent everyone away. Zhang Yue and Xiao Song stayed behind deliberately.

When everyone was walking around, Zhang Yue started, “Xiao Fei, you’ve been wronged!”

Xiao Song from the front desk also came over, holding her arm, “Shall we go together?”

Looking gratefully at the two young people in front of her, Ning Xiaofei raised her lips and smiled back.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Who is really good to her, she has already seen. No matter if she has Mu Tianye standing behind her, they are true friends.

After the three went downstairs together, Ning Xiaofei walked with them to the side of the road and watched the two take a taxi together. She turned around and boarded Mu Tianye’s car to return to the apartment.

The driver helped her carry big bags to the house. Ning Xiaofei ran quickly upstairs and rushed into the cloakroom. Sure enough, she saw that her cardboard box containing petty stuff was still there.

In a moment, Miss Liu came carrying her bags upstairs.

“Your old clothes are packed and stored in the storage room. I haven’t moved those small items. If there’s anything missing, just call me again.”

Ning Xiaofei looked at her in confusion, “Did he not let you throw them all?”

“The Master?” Miss Liu thought for a moment, “No, he just asked me to put away your old clothes, saying it was to make room for your new clothes.”

She has thought he had tossed all her clothes. So he just actually store them away, probably because he was afraid that she’d be reluctant to buy, so he deliberately lied to her and said he has had them thrown away.

Ning Xiaofei pursed her lips, “Big liar!”

“Are you referring to me?” Miss Liu whispered.

“Ah, no!” Ning Xiaofei busily waved to her, “I was talking … someone else!”

“Then, should I help you hang up your clothes?”

Ning Xiaofei smiled back to her, “No, I’ll do it myself.”

“It’s all right.  I have taken care of the young master since he was a child. I feel uncomfortable lying idle. There’s no way, naturally life is tiring!”

Miss Liu refuted while already moving her hands to work. She was accustomed to doing such sort of housework and so quickly sorted out the wardrobe in no time at all. 

At first, Ning Xiaofei lent a hand, but instead of helping her, she felt that she was much more of a hindrance.

Standing on the side watching her busy, she went downstairs and poured her a glass of water to thank her.

“You’re very kind.” Miss Liu took it with a smile. Ning Xiaofei asked her to sit down on the dressing bench. “Then … Tianye’s mother, have you met her?”

The Mu family was originally a scholar of Shuxiang. Father Mu was a professor of drama at their school, a part-time writer, and published several books. He was once a famous literary figure, but later he abandoned his work to do business.

Up to present, there are still reprints of his works in the bookstore, but little is known about Mother Mu.

The more she has contact with Mu Tianye, the more she wants to know more about him. And to understand him better, she wanted to ask Miss Liu of his past now that she mentioned being with him since his childhood. 

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