MYVD – Chapter 2.2

Lin Qi, who is the master of the Lin family, is right in front of her. Chen Shulan is bent on Qin Ran leaving a good impression on Lin Qi. She has reminded Qin Ran more than once to stop playing games and behave well in front of Lin Qi. 

It’s just that… she really can’t bear to scold her. 

Chen Shulan is really worried. This arrogant idler, who’s going to take care of her when she’s gone?

The people in the room had their own thoughts, and didn’t talk much. Until Ning Qing returned with Qin Yu, the atmosphere finally eased. 

The moment Lin Qi saw the lovable and pretty Qin Yu on Ning Qing’s heels, the smile on his face warmed a little. 

Zhang Sao, who has been cold and indifferent to Chen Shulan and Qin Ran, welcomed them affectionately and took the schoolbag from Qin Yu’s hands. She also greeted respectfully, “Madam, Miss.”

The people sitting on the sofa, including Lin Qi, stood up.

Under Chen Shulan’s glare, Qin Ran stood up lazily, stood against the sofa, and looked intently at Qin Ran and Ning Qing.

Cold and arrogant.

After a brief look at them, she bowed her head down, but didn’t continue playing games, instead, she appeared chatting with someone. 

Qin Ran’s resume is awfully horrible among the general population, let alone in front of an outstanding talent like Lin Jinxuan.

Irritation pricked at Ning Qing whenever this thought comes up. 

How would Ning Qing be able to show face in front of the Lin’s heir, Lin Jinxuan?

She’s just a laughingstock.

For this reason, she only talked to Chen Shulan and Lin Qi, without mentioning Qin Ran.

“Yuer has been rehearsing for the middle school’s anniversary celebration, so we came back late.” Just talking about Qin Yu, Ning Qing fluttered with excitement.

“A violin performance?” Chen Shulan was amazed and looked at Qin Yu with surprise. 

When Zhang Sao brought two cups of tea and heard Chen Shulan’s question, she smiled and replied, “Young Miss has been learning the violin since she was a child. After passing the ninth grade, the school would always ask Miss to perform whenever there are activities in the school.” 


1 thought on “MYVD – Chapter 2.2”

  1. Whenever I read this, I want to slap Ning Qing. How dare you? You abandoned one daughter while nurturing the other and now you worry about your face because one doesn’t seem as polished as the other? What kind of mom are you? 😡

    Thanks for the update!


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