LLW – Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Better know your place

“What are you talking about? Superficial?!” Yan Qing’s voice rose when receiving a taunt from a child.

 Achen glanced across Yan Qing and felt too lazy to spar with her.

He raised his eyes, “Wife, let’s go quickly, I’m starving.”

Feng Chuge, who has always listened to Achen’s demands at the bottom of her heart, squatted down slightly and pinched Achen’s face, “Alright, let’s go back.”

Several people crossed Yan Qing and continued north.

When they passed by her, Yan Qing suddenly turned back. “Stop!!”

Feng Chuge wasn’t disturbed by Yan Qing at all and just kept walking.

Yan Qing was furious.

“I told you to stop!!”

Around her entire body, a strong current swirled, rushing towards the group.

Sensing the dynamics behind them, Feng Chuge’s footsteps finally lingered slightly.

With eyes narrowed into slits, just as Yan Qing was about to strike, Feng Chuge moved…

She flew lightning speed, leaving no chance for Yan Qing to react at all.

Almost immediately between the lights and the rocks, Feng Chuge rushed and gripped Yan Qing’s throat on a chokehold.

When Yan Qing realized what was happening, he only felt a cold steel on her neck.

“Yan Qing shijie, do you want to continue playing?” Feng Chuge’s lips were slightly raised, full of ridicule.

Those dark eyes were a deep bottomless cold pool, which sends shivers at first glance.

“You … you …” The pressure of a monstrous momentum rolled making Yan Qing finally realized what it is.

A hint of disbelief blurred her eyes, but more was of scare.

“Have you advanced?!”

“Yan Qing shijie has good vision …” Feng Chuge continued smiling, but the chill in her eyes lurked deeper and deeper. “Yan Qing shijie, don’t you know yet? Yesterday, in this same place, Qian Ba died-“

Yan Qing was in a terrible shock.

The scene last night flashed before Yan Qing’s eyes again.

She knew that with Feng Chuge’s temperament, she would definitely kill her!

As soon as thought crossed her mind, Yan Qing finally trembled loudly, “You … don’t you dare touch me. I’m from Tiandifu. If you hurt me, you’d never live through …”

Yan Qing warning worsened Feng Chuge’s impression of Tiandifu.

She sneered coldly, “Tiandifu, is it that great? But Yan Qing shijie, you from Tiandifu is not even as good as a seventh class student in Yuntian College, you are really a disgrace!”

“Wife … don’t bother with such a superficial woman anymore. You’ll lose sight of people like this.” Feng Chuge still has to say, but Achen’s voice interrupted behind her.

Feng Chuge looked back and saw that Chen Chen was staring at herself with his lips pursed.

Feng Chuge shook her head and smiled.

How could she not know that Achen was stopping her from killing Yan Qing.

However, she really won’t kill Yan Qing right now. As she has said before, killing her is nothing more than calling trouble to herself.

Everything last night made her deeply understand that her strength was not enough.

If she really were to kill Yan Qing, she’s afraid there would be endless trouble in the future.

Feng Chuge retracted her hand around Yan Qing’s neck. “Shijie, you’d better know your place, otherwise, you know …”

The threat buried in her shortened speech shook Yan Qing to the core.

When she got a grip on herself, she saw that Feng Chuge’s group had already turned around and went north.




The look on Yan Qing’s face was ever-changing. Until the end, she gritted her teeth, turned and walked in the other direction.

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