TOCH – Chapter 389

Chapter 389: Don’t like you being with her

“What are you doing?” Fang Chixia was tickled, shrinking from his arms.

Luo Yibei ignored her and groped on her for a while. Raising his face slowly, he asked something that made Fang Chixia’s face instantly red.

The corners of his lips were hooked up as he said, “Don’t you always carry that thing with you?”

He was referring to that TT. When he met Fang Chixia long ago, he bumped into her at the bar and teased her because of that TT at that time.

Fang Chixia’s blush was almost ripe in embarrassment. 

“That was an accident!” The one she had on her was given by someone else. 

“Oh?” Luo Yibei looked at her skeptically, the word “Oh” ending in a drawl. 

“I’m not in the habit of carrying that. Go back first!” Fang Chixia pushed him away and sat back in the front passenger seat.

Her movements were not sharp, mainly because of her tipsiness, while she almost slipped off the seat when she crawled back.

In this way, she caught the corner of Luo Yibei’s eyes crinkling. For some reason, his anger started to boil again.

What has she tossed herself into?

“Why did you go to the bar with that kind of person today?” His coldness accompanied his few undulating anger. “Did you think that kind of person is someone you can go with? Didn’t you know that men are not safe?”

He was so angry that the words behind him were almost roared out.

Fang Chixia originally agreed to the appointment all for the sake of Rongxi’s interests. But now that she was being yelled at, Fang Chixia’s ears were left ringing, she looked at him stupidly. All her grievances suddenly burst into her brain “I want to help Rongxi take down the list, but Shang Rui refused to talk about signing the contract. He asked me to negotiate with him again at night, but I didn’t expect the situation to …”

“Are you out of your mind? How old are you? Couldn’t you see his obvious bad intentions? When did Rongxi sign contracts at the expense of their employees?” Luo Yibei’s anger spiraled higher and higher as he spoke sharply.

Fang Chixia has set herself a way out. How could she not know the dangers during the negotiation?

She didn’t want to go, but ended up going because of Rongxi.

Now that she failed, he’s yelling at her?

She lifted her chin up, stared at him closely and fought back refusing to be a weakling, “Why are you yelling at me? You went out to date your Suran, and then left me such a huge deal. What rights do you have to scold me now?”

She roared quite loudly, freezing Luo Yibei for a few seconds.

Luo Yibei put her in charge today, but it was intended to train her. When he made the decision, he didn’t know that the person sent Shang family would be Shang Rui.

What came after was out of his control.

“Don’t you like me being with Ranran?” He asked after a pause.

Fang Chixia ignored him and turned to the window.

Luo Yibei thought that she was just making a fuss, but slowly noticed something wrong behind her. 

Her shoulders were trembling slightly, seemingly accompanied by snorts, very short and inaudible if he weren’t listening attentively.

Luo Yibei froze and turned her face rigidly. Fang Chixia looked up at him with her face wet …

She rarely cries, even after so many years of being alone and helpless, she never cried.

The last time she cried was when she was poked by Fang Fei.

The moment Luo Yibei saw her tears, something seemed to plunge in his chest, then he found himself suddenly at his wit’s end.  

4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 389”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Both of them are at fault. He sent her to negotiate a deal without checking who would be in charge from the other end and as for her, she went with Mr. Shang despite clearly knowing his intention when he requested to negotiate at night.


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