SWDP – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Belly black couple

The next day, the headliner started Mu Huan’s seduction plan. Because of his gratitude to Mu Huan, he decided to use every means he has learned from being an N-lang!

In order to enter the Mu family, Bai Xuexian was also willing to bow her head down to become a mistress and willingly hooked Mu Dongsheng with soft words. The moment she entered the Mu family and ensured her status, she increasingly looked down on Mu Dongsheng, who had no right to speak.

Therefore, the relationship between the two has worsened over the years. According to Mu Huan’s knowledge, they have been separated for three years.

Bai Xuexian was only in her early forties. It was the age of a woman who was like a wolf, to be so lonely and empty for a long time. Tempting her was not a problem for a top-ranking N-lang.

Mu Kexin is not even a problem. Although she really wants to marry Bao Junyan, Bao Junyan is a dignified aloof god who is high above the sky, and he has always been ruthless towards her. With all kinds of tenderness of a perfect man right before her eyes, she wouldn’t escape the net of charm that this maiden master deliberately cast.

Half a month later…

“President, the public relations department intercepted a scandal about the madam’s family. Asking the president for instructions whether to shut it down.”

“What scandal?” Bao Junyan looked up from the file.

Assistant Wang handed the tablet to Bao Junyan.

A video is playing on the tablet, of Bai Xuexian and Mu Kexin fighting over the headliner. 

After watching the video, there are still many HD intimate photos. The faces of Bai Xuexian and Mu Kexin in front are clear and positive on the photos, while the N-lang’s are mostly a side profile, but they can be identified as the same man at a glance. 

“Did anyone find out who broke the news?” Bao Junyan asked, laying down his tablet.

“It was found that the Deputy Dean, Mu Weiguo, who lost in the competition for the dean’s position with Bai Xuexian and is beside the Mu family, did it.”

After Mu Huan’s seduction plan came out successful, she went to her father’s cousin, Mu Weiguo, the deputy director of the hospital where her grandmother was hospitalized. At the cost of these videos and photos, she let him ensure of her grandmother’s safety at the hospital. And, if anything were to happen to her grandma, she would be notified immediately.

Mu Weiguo, who has been deliberately trying to drive Bai Xuexian out of the hospital, after seeing such conclusive evidence, which could oust Bai Xuexian’s reputation in tatters, he naturally agreed.

“Let the public relations department revise some more eye-catching articles to fit these photos and videos, then publish them to major media and websites, all of which should be on the hot search.” Before, Bao Junyan asked Assistant Wang to investigate Mu Huan’s childhood in the  Mu family. Assistant Wang was reporting his findings to him when Mu Huan, who came in to deliver coffee, heard it.

She repeatedly begged Bao Junyan not to deal with Bai Xuexian, and Bao Junyan was left caving in to her pleading.

But he was really unhappy. Now that an opportunity to help Bai Xuexian promote her destruction without breaching his young wife’s trust was sent to him, he naturally took the ride.

So, when Mu Huan saw the headlines appearing in major media and major websites that Bai Xuexian, a mother and daughter fought for an N-Lang, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “I didn’t expect Mu Weiguo had this ability! I thought that the most he could do was expose her in the local newspapers and let the whole city know … “

“Exactly! That’s right! What an amazing piece of article! This time, Bai Xuexian, mother and daughter, reputation is completely ruined! People across the country know that this mother and daughter are obsessed with an N-lang, and for this N-lang, great shot! “Li Meng seconded excitedly.

“Wow … this time, the Prince Club will definitely be investigated, so it will be easier for the headliner to escape!” Mu Huan felt that this was a godsend!

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