SWPF – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Listen, be a bit well-behaved

“Uncle, quickly get your stuff and go to the company!” Lu Xingzhi surmised that Huo Jinchen came back for this purpose.

“I came back for you. Would you really like to drive me away like this?” Huo Jinchen sat down beside her. “I haven’t even had a cup of tea!”

“Oh, then I’ll get you a cup of tea.” Lu Xingzhi stood up and was dragged down by Huo Jinchen again.

“Don’t go, I don’t need tea.” Huo Jinchen is really worried about Lu Xingzhi’s EQ. In general, shouldn’t girls be moved a little?

Or it is his little mushroom driving him away in disguise.

He shouldn’t have made her sick!

“Then what would you like to drink? I’ll pour it for you.” Lu Xingzhi’s pure and clean eyes reflectedHuo Jinchen’s figure, but there was no hint of love.

They were filled with sincerity.

“I won’t drink anything, you don’t need to move.” Looking at her red and swollen face, comparing it with the other side, it became even more pitiable. He stretched out his hand, but afraid to hurt her, he didn’t touch. “I’ll give you a cold compress, it may hurt, you bear it.”

“No, I’ll be fine after a little sleep.”

“Listen, be a bit obedient.” Huo Jinchen’s voice was both gentle and absolute.

There is also no room for rejection.

Lu Xingzhi no longer objected.

Huo Jinchen took some ice cubes and wrapped them in a clean towel. He let Lu Xingzhi rest her head on his thigh, and applied the cold compress on her face.

When the ice cubes first touched her face, Lu Xingzhi shivered.

“Does it hurt?” Huo Jinchen’s movement was already very gentle.

“No pain, just a bit of cold.”

She wouldn’t be coquettish nor wouldn’t complain. Huo Jinchen felt even more distressed.

“Close your eyes and rest for a while. I’m here.”

Lu Xingzhi obediently closed her eyes. Within half an hour, she was already asleep.

Huo Jinchen took the ice pack away and gently wiped the water stains on her face, then carried her up and lay her back in her room.

It wasn’t long before her turned on the air-conditioning in her room, tucked her the quilt, and sat by the edge of her bed for a while. Seeing her brows frown, he stretched out his finger and gently smoothed them before going out.

When the man walked down to the hall, his momentum abruptly changed. The cold air seemed to have condensed and the temperature in the entire hall plummeted in an instant.

“Have you forgotten what I said? Or did you think that my treatment of you here is too low? My wife was bullied, are you all wood?” Huo Jinchen’s temper burst out whenever he thinks of this, this is the little girl he wants to cherish.

Instead, she was bullied. 

“Sir, none of us thought that young master He Lian would do so. And the person he was going to hit was Miss He Lian.” Zhuo Yixiang could only come forward as the housekeeper.

“Oh …” Huo Jinchen sneered coldly, “Housekeeper Zhuo, tell me, you really don’t know what He Lian Yi came here for? Now let me tell you, as long as I am the master here, in the future, He Lian Yi is not allowed to step into the door of this villa.”

Zhuo Yixiang was afraid to look directly into Huo Jinchen’s eyes. To be honest, after Lu Xingzhi was beaten, he was secretly happy.

However, after calming down, he was panicked again.

“I thought with Miss He Lian here, Master He Lian wouldn’t …”

“Your thoughts don’t matter.” Huo Jinchen’s eyes shot like ice blades. “How many years have you been the housekeeper?”

“Three years.”

“Three years, but you can’t even tell when I care about someone.”

3 thoughts on “SWPF – Chapter 51”

  1. I… think the last line is a mistranslation? I admit that I used google translate on the raw… but I think the google translate makes sense with “Three years, but you can’t see how much I care about someone?”


  2. Thanks for the update!
    I’m surprised he hasn’t fired that housekeeper yet since it’s clear that he’s delibrately going against her. But then again Huo Jinchen might be trying to find a conclusive reason to fire since Lu Xingzhi will probably think it’s her fault if he suddenly got fired especially since she still doesn’t see herself as the mistress of the house.


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