MYVD – Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2: This master

The Lin family is a well-known nobility in Yuncheng. Currently, all three generations of the family have gained reputation in the city. 

Lin Qi is less than fifty years old this year. But unlike the portly build of some people of his age, he vaguely boasts a youthful elegance, gentleness and refinement. Nonetheless, those gold-rimmed glasses couldn’t hide the sharp edges of a shrewd businessman. 

Qin Ran herself admits Ning Qing’s fortune to have married Lin Qi.

Lin Qi squeezed the cigarette between his fingers, thought for a moment, and then snuffed it down: “Xiao Qing already told me what is going on. Rest assured, I have already sent someone to arrange it.”

Chen Shulan is a country woman without much culture. Being exposed to this place full of riches somehow rendered her flustered. 

Even though Lin Qi treats her courteously, she is still a bit perturbed.

Lin Qi of course noticed it, so he kept his smile and accompanied Chen Shulan for a cup of tea. He would occasionally mention a word or two without embarrassing Chen Shulan, while they waited for Ning Qing’s return. 

Qin Ran on the other hand leaned back on the sofa and played games idly on her phone. 

Her fingers are slender and dainty, and exceptionally white against the light coming through the glass wall. 

Her eyebrows are arched low and from Lin Jinxuan’s viewpoint, he could see the fluttering of her long curled lashes.

As if sensing his perusal, the girl slowly raised her head.

Clear eyes, lacking the anxiety evident in Chen Shulan’s eyes. 

Calm, embodying a lake, dark and profound. 

Nine points of indifference. 

And the remaining point is the stubbornness and wildness imprinted deep in her bones that can’t be masked.

Lin Jinxuan paused holding a cup of tea, showing no embarrassment from being caught staring, and instead smiled. 

Qin Ran withdrew her gaze placidly, changed her posture without haste and continued hitting the keys on her phone.

Lin Jinxuan, who has never been overlooked, was once again nonplussed.

After a short while, he snapped back to his senses, turned his mobile phone off, and leaned back. 

A cynical smile cracked his genteel face. 

Sure enough, as Lin Qi described, she’s a hedgehog.

And too arrogant. 

Chen Shulan knows that Qin Ran loves to play games and would soak in them when she’s free. She has never thought of reprimanding her and instead watched her lovingly with a pair of misty apricot eyes. 

Who else can tolerate this master?

Chen Shulan has always been mild-tempered. 

What else can be done?

Then, just get used to it. 

Not to mention playing games, even when she plays truant, Chen Shulan would only assume the role of an incapable ruler and turn a blind eye. 

She has lived long to this old age and for the first time, doted so much on this granddaughter.

But now that Qin Ran has been out of school for a year, Chen Shulan discovered that her old illness has recurred again. This time, she ruthlessly ignored Qin Ran’s pleas, and irregardless of how many times she argued, she made her mind up and let her transfer to Yuncheng to attend school.


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