LLW – Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Superficial woman…

“What’s wrong with Meatball? Why does he look frightened?” Zilan looked at the Meatball held by Achen in his arms and asked with a little doubt.

Achen stroked Meatball’s fur.

“How is that possible? I’m so gentle with it, how can it be frightened?” Achen’s lips spread wide. “Wife, I’m hungry, Achen hasn’t eaten my wife’s dishes for a long time …”

“Alright, let’s go back to our yard. By the way, where do you live now? Would you like to live in our yard too?”

“No.” Achen refused immediately.

Just kidding, he will transform at night …

“I’ll stay with my uncle and live in another yard. With my uncle, wife doesn’t have to worry about me.”

“Is he here too?”

“Yeah.” Achen blinked. “As soon as I asked the Dean, the Dean agreed. What do you think, is the Dean a good man?”

Feng Chuge’s lips slipped and responded vaguely …

 “Yes … good guy … good guy …”

The group continued north.

Along the way, there were occasional passers-by, as they continued to go north.

Just as they were about to reach the rockery where Feng Chuge advanced the other day, Feng Chuge’s footsteps faltered.

She reached out her hands subconsciously, protecting Achen behind her.

Looking around, Feng Chuge sneered–

“Come out!”

As soon as her words fell, a white figure came out from behind the rockery.

When the person came out in view, Feng Chuge raised her eyebrows without surprise.

She looked at her jokingly, “Is Yan Qing shijie’s leg hurt?”

Opposite, Yan Qing’s expression changed slightly when she heard the word “leg injury”.

She squinted her eyes and looked at Feng Chuge with resentment in her eyes.

“Feng Chuge, you did not die yesterday, so you are really lucky! “Last night, she could have died!

But then Di Jue Chen intercepted the kill!

Right now, Feng Chuge and Yan Qing are completely at odds. There is no need for any disguise between the two.

“Yeah, I didn’t die, but disappointed Yan Qing shijie.” Feng Chuge frowned and sneered.

Yan Qing gritted his teeth and glared at Feng Chuge——

Reminded of Di Jue Chen, the dark light flashed across her eyes.

Taking two steps forward-

“Feng Chuge, what is your relationship with Di Jue Chen?”

Feng Chuge’s brows wagged, showing hints of amusement in her eyes. She did not expect Yan Qing to come here for this.

“My business, you don’t have to bother too much.”

Yan Qing glared angrily at Feng Chuge. Recalling the image of her God hugging her tightly last night, her hatred worsened anew. She sneered and scoffed at Feng Chuge, “Feng Chuge, I tell you, Di Jue chen is the young master of Tiandifu, and not for a pariah like you to climb high! You don’t know, do you? I have been engaged with Di Jue Chen since childhood. If you know what’s good for you, just stay far away from him! Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

Feng Chuge’s ears were left ringing. Not to mention whether she has anything to do with Di Jue Chen or not, and even if she did, she would never let Yan Qing threaten her.

Childhood engagement….

Feng Chuge looked Yan Qing up and down and the smile on her lips rose radiantly. 

As the first beautiful man in the world, if he really fancies Yan Qing, then his vision is really superficial!

Achen, who had been standing behind Feng Chuge, had a chill in his eyes after hearing Yan Qing’s words.

His faint purple eyes flickered and fell on Yan Qing’s face.

A taunt of ridicule was evoked at the corner of the lips. And then, a childish rebuke rang, “What a superficial woman, Di Jue Chen would never spare you a glance.”

Yan Qing looked at Achen and met his mocking eyes.

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