TOCH – Chapter 388

Chapter 388: This is what you asked for

Fang Chixia just hesitated, but still nodded.

Luo Yibei scrutinized her response for a long time, with brows raised. 

“This is what you asked for.” Pushing her back to the passenger seat next to him, he helped her fasten her seat belt again, held the steering wheel tightly with eyes locked on the front, and stepped hard on the under his foot, letting the white sports car accelerate on the road at a lightning speed. 

The car galloped all the way, turning on bends, till the seaside near their home, and stopped abruptly.

Fang Chixia crookedly leaned against the window by her side, seemingly asleep. 

“Come here!” Luo Yibei’s face turned to her side, his gaze sweeping over her face and called to her.

Fang Chixia ignored him. Her arms were crossed and her eyes were closed. 

Luo Yibei unfastened her seat belt and carried her over.

Seated on his lap, he adjusted their position to a comfortable angle. And facing each other, he raised his voice, “Wake up.”

Fang Chixia opened her eyes groggily and stared back at him in bewilderment, as if unable to process their current situation.

Luo Yibei held her arm tightly and glanced out. He quipped, “Are you satisfied with the environment here? There are no lights!”

He jested while his face moved closer to hers.

His faint warm breath sprayed on her face, while his clear baritone rang pleasantly in her ears. 

Fang Chixia wrapped her arms around his neck still in a daze, with a thin layer of mist seemingly clouding her eyes.

Luo Yibei stared at her, bowed down and aligned his lips on hers.

His kiss was overbearing and boorish, with strong arms around her waist, as if to cut her off.

He has been deeply angered after receiving her phone call tonight.

When he found her in a sorry state, his anger shot up.

His anger tonight was all because of her.

He didn’t touch her, but she’s quite good, and actively admit her wrongs. 

Luo Yibei felt that if they were to really do the thing under these circumstances, it’s Fang Chixia herself asking for trouble!

Fang Chixia let him kiss her and did not push him away.

Lying calmly close to him, her arms around his neck tightened, and in Luo Yibei’s eyes, she raised her face and slowly responded to him.

The mood in the car suddenly rose a few degrees because her actions.

Luo Yibei yanked the collar of her clothes very easily and clasped her waist tightly. He she leaned against the seat behind him, holding her clothes in his hands and tried to tear them off, but Fang Chixia suddenly pulled back and held down his wrist.

“I don’t want here!” Her soft voice rang bonelessly.

“What’s wrong here? Too dark?” Luo Yibei responded patiently and even in the mood to kid around with her. 

 “… measures!” Fang Chixia reminded him, her face rosy, not knowing whether it was due to embarrassment or the wine.

Luo Yibei froze for a while, not expecting her to be so concerned about this problem.

He glanced over her clothes, and suddenly his hand was on her, fumbling up and down, as if searching for something.

“What are you doing?” Fang Chixia didn’t know his purpose, so she dodged left to right, trying to avoid his hands, but was restrained by Luo Yibei.

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