EP – Chapter 203

Chapter 203: As ugly as a dog

Ning Xiaofei figured that Mu Tianye was implying that she didn’t need to bother. She responded, and stretched out her hands to pinch a shrimp, peeling it with her hands.

Pei Ruoxi stood on the side in embarrassment. She has already apologized, but was ignored. How was she to continue?

Seeing that Mu Tianye wasn’t satisfied, Ji Mo immediately stood up, took a wine glass from the shelf on the side, and brought it to Pei Ruoxi.

“Mr. Mu is the host today. You came late, so drink a toast!”

The deputy director, Chen Liang, didn’t know what was going on, but being an old wily fox, he sensed that there must be some secret. He too hurriedly opened a bottle and poured wine into Pei Ruoxi’s glass. 

“Mr. Mu, I’ll take the penalty!”

Looking up, Pei Ruoxi downed the wine in the glass.

In the main seat, the man didn’t even raise his eyelids.

Pei Ruoxi bit her lip and tried to squeeze out a smile.

“This is too light for a penalty. Come on, Director Li, help me with another.”

Chen Liang poured Pei Ruoxi another glass, and she drank it dry.


After drinking three glasses in a row, Pei Ruoxi raised her hand to wipe the stain on the corner of her lips.

“Mr. Mu, is this … this acceptable?”

The man spat out a word.


He told her to come and plead guilty, not to drink wine!

Because of her, Ning Xiaofei was scolded and accused by Xicheng in front of the entire crew. She thought drinking three glasses of wine would offset everything, who did she think Mu Tianye was?

Pei Ruoxi trembled while holding the glass.

“So … what do you want me to do?”

Mu Tianye looked up, raised his left hand, took Ning Xiaofei’s glass on the table, and sent it to Pei Ruoxi.


Pei Ruoxi hurriedly reached for the glass, then the man’s fingers loosened.


The goblet fell to the ground, and wine and glasses splattered.

A few timid girls also exclaimed in fright. Pei Ruoxi stepped back and her face whitened as a sheet of paper.

“What?” Mu Tianye glanced at her. “Miss Pei refuses to drink?”

Ji Mo gritted his teeth and stepped forward.

“Mr. Mu, can I drink for her?”

Mu Tianye leaned back.


The same words but this latter was obviously much forceful than the one earlier.

Just this word was enough to make people feel cold.

The atmosphere in the private room was suppressed at once, and even the knowledgeable and deputy director Chen Liang swallowed his breath in fright.

The room was depressingly quiet.

Everyone was holding their breath, and not one dared make a sound. 

Before the man’s oppressive coercion, Pei Ruoxi finally couldn’t hold it. Her legs on those high heels shook and softened, as she fell on her knees on the floor.

“Mr. Mu, Xiao Fei, I was wrong, and I apologize. I admit that it was all me. It was I who secretly copied the file in your mailbox, and secretly posted the file online, and I … Oh God! Please … Let me go this time, Xiao Fei … I was wrong, I beg you!”

Everyone was taken aback, and then they came to understand what was going on.

It turned out that she framed Ning Xiaofei, what a despicable woman!

Ning Xiaofei frowned and said nothing.

Because of Peo Xi, she has suffered so many grievances, and now it time for Pei Ruoxi to pay back!

Mu Tianye leaned on the back of his chair, squinting at the woman who was crying and apologizing.

Pei Ruoxi’s whole body shook as she stared at the drink on the floor with tears trickling down her cheeks.

If this matter shakes out and she’s going to jail, her life would be gone forever.

“Okay, I’ll drink!”

Bracing herself against the floor with both hands, she bent over crying, leaning towards the liquor on the floor.

Hunched over, as ugly as a dog.

2 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 203”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Did she really think that drinking alone could make up for what she did? Ning Xiaofei’s reputation was almost ruin because of what she did. I have no sympathy for her and Ji Mo should be ashamed of himself for wanting to help someone so selfish, to not even want to acknowledge what she did wrong until it was too late, besides she was clearly insincere with her apology in the beginning as well.


  2. What a dumb woman did she think she can trick him by drinking the wine and just say I apologize . Bitchhh you’re ruining Ning XiaoFei’s reputation so you need to fix it by admitting and plead guilty in fron of your colleague that’s what Mr. Mu wants to hear from your filthy mouth .
    I really felt sorry for Ji Mo , he needs to dump this woman , she’s not worthy of his sympathy at all .
    Thanks for the chapter 😉


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