SWPF – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: It hurts me

Lu Xingzhi is a bit flustered at his return so she only looked blankly at Huo Jinchen, “Why are you back? Did you miss something at home?”

“Yeah!” Huo Jinchen responded, he missed something very important.

“Oh! Then, you go get it! I’ll go back to my room.” Lu Xingzhi was about to get up, but Huo Jinchen pulled her back.

“Does it hurt?” He asked again. 

His distress is apparent. His little girl is so beautiful and her skin is so delicate, really looks like a mushroom. But now, her little face is red swollen.

Lu Xingzhi finally responded, “It doesn’t hurt. Isn’t it just a slap in the face, it’s not a big deal.”

Huo Jinchen is even more angry and distressed at Lu Xingzhi’s response.

With both hands on her shoulders, he looked solemnly and earnestly directly into her eyes.

“Lu Xingzhi, you have a family now. The Huo family is your backer. Don’t feel indifferent. You have to remember that this is your home and nobody bully you here. In this capital, you can walk sideways without a problem. You can only bully others, but no one can bully you. Understand?”

“Thank you.” Lu Xingzhi said gratefully.

But what baffles her is Huo Jinchen’s anger.

“I don’t want you to thank me.”

Huo Jinchen sighed. Forget it, this little girl is still young.

“Uncle, don’t be angry.” Although she doesn’t understand why he was angry, Lu Xingzhi comforted softly.

Her eyes blinked innocently and helplessly. Her voice is still so soft that Huo Jinchen’s anger waned miraculously.

“Okay, I’m not angry.”

“Don’t blame Xixi, she tried to protect me.” Lu Xingzhi felt that He Lian Xi is afraid of Huo Jinchen and did not want her to be scolded.

“It was you who got her. She’s escaped unscathed.” Huo Jinchen really wants to get mad. Her face is swollen this way, but she’s still worrying about others. 

“But this slap was meant for her. Being beaten by her own brother, not only in the face, but her heart must be hurt. Her parents will also feel bad.” Lu Xingzhi whispered, gesturing at herself, “I’m different. I’m alone, so it doesn’t matter.”

Lu Xingzhi can feel that He Lian Xi really treats her as a friend. She has no friends, and she doesn’t even know anyone in this city. So she cherishes her.

Huo Jinchen’s heart twisted in pain. It’s no secret to him that Lu Xingzhi has no sense of belonging here. 

He is even more sure that Lu Xingzhi never expected to marry him.

She regards their engagement as something imposed on her.

“You are not alone, you have me. It hurts me. Do you know?” Huo Jinchen touched her head and held her in her arms. “Zhizhi, I am your fiance. You can tell me anything you want. Don’t feel like you don’t matter. In my heart, you are very important.”

Lu Xingzhi showed a smile, sweet and so intoxicating, she said, “How come you are so good to me!”

Huo Jinchen also laughed, “I’m good. Just stay right beside me. I won’t let people bully you, so you can’t let others bully yourself. I am your man. Understand?”

“I see. The Huo family is so powerful that no one dares to provoke them.” Lu Xingzhi winked mischievously, “Right?”

Huo Jinchen’s eyes softened as the evening breeze, he pinched her nose petulantly. “It’s good if you understand that.”

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