MYVD – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: First arrival at Yuncheng

At the end of August, the sun is shining, and the heat wave in town rolled.

On the second floor of the town’s health center, against a slightly shabby door, leaned a girl wearing a simple black and white plaid shirt with her neckline askew and her head hanging low. 

Both her sleeves were also rolled up sloppily. 

Below is a pair of outdated low-rise jeans, and because of her posture, a thin and delicate waist is exposed.

This picture is rather eye-catching.

When the nurse saw a man passing by the girl for the third time, she handed the girl a lollipop and inclined her head towards the ward. “Well, are your parents there?”

Qin Ran tore off the lollipop wrapper with her lashes drooping. She tossed it into her mouth and answered half-heartedly, “Yes.”

The nurse clicked her tongue, “I don’t see them.”

After saying a word, the nurse hurried away with some medical records.

Inside the ward are Qin Ran’s biological parents, Ning Qing and Qin Hanqiu.

The two had divorced more than a decade ago and Qin Ran has been raised by her grandmother. She fell sick half a month ago and now needs to be transferred to another hospital. Ning Qing and Qin Hanqiu have only just arrived. 

Qin Ran leaned against the wall with one leg slightly bent, while listening passively to the sound of the two people arguing in the ward.

Ning Qing’s indifferent voice could be heard through the door. “Qin Hanqiu, the car is downstairs. I will take my mother to the city hospital. RanRan will be left to you.”

“Why should RanRan stay with me?” Qin Hanqiu returned in the same manner, “Aren’t you married to a rich man, with your wealth, you can’t even afford another daughter?”

“I’ve already taken Yuer into the Lin’s family, but you still want me to bring another child into my marriage?” Ning Qing looked askance at him impatiently, “My mother has helped you raise a daughter for more than ten years, she is sick now and can’t manage her. Are you telling me to bring her in tow back to the Lin family?”

Speaking of this, Qin Hanqiu’s resentment was even more obvious. “At that time, I clearly wanted to raise Yuer. But you just have to snatch her away from me. Now you want me to take care of RanRan. All right, then, give Yuer back to me.”

They have two daughters, Qin Ran and Qin Yu. They are only one year apart, but different in every way.

When the two divorced, they both fought for Qin Yu’s custody. The lawsuit was settled only after Qin Yu herself chose to follow her mother.

At that time, nobody wanted to take custody of Qin Ran. The two tossed the responsibility to each other, but the couple ended up shirking responsibility. 

Grandmother Chen Shulan took pity on the child and raised her for 12 years. 

In the ward, Ning Qing fought hard to control her temper at Qin Hanqiu’s jeering face.

Qin Hanqiu was abducted into their town when he was a kid. He was a poor boy and Ning Qing initially liked him for his good looks. But after a few years of marriage, they couldn’t stand each other’s tempers and simply divorced. 

Right after the divorce, Ning Qing married a rich man in Yuncheng with Qin Yu, like a fish back in the water. 

Qin Hanqiu also quickly remarried and had a son with his current wife.

Both forgot that they have an older daughter.

Right now, they are treating Qin Ran like a commodity and kicked each other, unaware that the said eldest daughter is listening to their quarrel outside the door.

Qin Hanqiu isn’t afraid of walking barefoot, while Ning Qing is worried that he would really go to the Lin Family and make a fuss. That would only shame her more. She could only swallow the bitter taste, unwilling to take Qin Ran back to Yuncheng.

“RanRan, don’t blame your dad,” Qin Hanqiu was relieved to have lost this parcel. He marched out of the ward and when he saw Qin Ran, he paused, “The Lin family is rich. Go with your mother and they will definitely find you a good school for your senior year.”

Qin Hanqiu now has a son to raise, and his burden is insurmountable. A house in the city has not been bought yet. Nevertheless, he has to plan for the future. His current wife apprised him before he came.

So he can only apologize to Qin Ran. 

From here on, he will never think of bringing Qin Ran back.

Qin Ran leaned back. There was no air-conditioning in the corridor of the hospital. The sweltering air was almost condensed. She lowered her head halfway and wrapped her fingers around the second white jade button on her collar.

Those slender fingers were free of blemish, similar to a solid jaded rouge, wrapped in ice. 

A thread of “Don’t mess with me” settled in between her devilishly curved brows. 

She ignored Qin Hanqui and after releasing the button, she suddenly looked towards the window facing her in the corridor with a cold glint in her eyes. 

A few meters away from the window was an office.

Opposite the office.

A stoic young man was sitting on a chair, dressed in a white coat, cutting clean face and a stunning figure.

Jiang Dongye, the newly appointed director of the health care center. 

Jiang Dongye looked at the man across him, who looks entirely unfit with the hospital’s sofa. 

The man lying there has a stick of cigarette in between his fingertips, which are long and clean. The pale smoke rose thinly while his arms lapped randomly, then his eyes froze for half a second.

Jiang Dongye noticed his eyes staring at something and looked out, “What are you looking at?”

The man wearing a black silk shirt was bleary-eyed, nestled and leaning on the sofa, he stubbed the cigarette butt on the ashtray and chuckled, “Tiny waist, too thin.”

He turned to the side giving light to his straight nose and pale skin. The hazy cold look beneath his narrowed eyes were veiled by his sinfully long lashes.  

He appeared to have just woken up from the huskiness of his voice. Low tone echoed languidly and was cut too short. 

“Huh?” Jiang Dongye flipped through the pages of his medical records and missed what he said. 

 Looking up at this outstanding elegant figure, it wasn’t difficult to understand why men and women in Beijing are going crazy for this third master. 

“None of your business.” Cheng Juan stretched his long legs, leaned on the sofa, and replied lazinly. “In two days, you will return to Beijing when this mission is completed.” 

“What about you?” Jiang Dongye straightened up. 

Those sharp bony fingers shoved the cigarette into the ashtray.

Cheng Juan stood up, his legs were straight and long, while his eyes were shrouded in mist. He reached out and patted the ashes that were non-existent on his clothes, maintaining a relaxed stance on that somewhat tired face, “I still have other tasks to do.”


Ning’s family car was parked down from the town’s hospital. 

It is a black BMW with the license plate number of Yuncheng.

After negotiating with the doctor, Ning Qing directly took Qin Ran and Chen Shulan back to Yuncheng.

“The Lin family has a lot of rules. Don’t bring your bad habits to the Lin family, you hear?” Ning Qing tilted her head and rubbed her brows.

Qin Ran only carried a black backpack, which she put on her lap. She squinted a little, and nodded indifferently.

Her long slender legs are overlapping. 

The making of a thug emanating from her head to toe makes one wonder if she’s truly listening.

“Are you that sleepy? Did you go thieving last night?” Ning Qing, who worked hard in cultivating the image of a noblewoman for twelve years in the Lin family, is now exhibiting elegance with every move.

What she hates the most is the wildness that Qin Ran seemed to have inherited from Qin Hanqiu. 

Qin Ran fumbled for a pair of headphones from her pocket and put them on, paying her no attention, “I played games at an internet cafe all night.” 

As she looked up, the half-hanging headset slid into her collar and wrapped around her neck.

“You … you are not allowed to go to internet cafes in the future!” Ning Qing gritted her teeth as she took a gander at her sloppy stance. “Don’t be disgruntled, if you were just one tenth as good as Yuer, I won’t have to be this serious with you. The Lin family is not your grandmother’s, and your words and deeds will affect your sister. Just be proper and there won’t be no need for such long talks.”

The second she thinks of Lin Qi having to use his connections to get Qin Ran into her senior year, the more irritable Ning Qing felt. 

With Qin Ran’s current performance, there won’t be any school who would be amenable to her admission, even if they were to search the entire Yuncheng.

She married Lin Qi, a widowed real estate businessman, with Qin Yu in tow. 

Qin Yu has been extremely clever since she was young. She’s pretty and also delightful. 

Her excellent grades and outstanding talent have never caused the Lin family worries about her studies.

However, in one way or the other, she’d always be “a child born of others’ family.”

The Lin Family have been satisfied with Qin Yu.

Ning Qing was naturally happy to bring Qin Yu along to the Lin family. 

But the mere thought of bringing Qin Ran to the Lin family next. 

Ning Qing lost all appetite for lunch.


At four in the afternoon, the black BMW stopped in front of the Lin’s villa in Yuncheng.

“Madam.” A middle-aged woman in a blue shirt opened the door. She is surprised to find Chen Shulan and Qin Ran behind Ning Qing.

Ning Qing was stifled and totally upset, “Zhang Sao, help me settle my mother and RanRan in. Qin Yu’s class will be ending soon. I’ll go and pick her up.”

Qin Yu has always been picked up by the Lin’s family driver.

But today, Ning Qing went in person. Frankly speaking, she is still feeling vexed at the bottom of her heart and is too upset to face Qin Ran at home, so she excused herself just to catch her breath.

Zhang Sao watched Ning Qing leave, and then turned her head, looking at the two figures in front of her skeptically. 

“Old lady, Miss Qin.” She regarded the two with a veiled look before inviting them in, “Come in.”

She turned around to lead the two inside, sneering at an angle that the two couldn’t see. 

Chen Shulan followed behind her, taking in the exquisite european architecture all the way. 

Her fingers unconsciously clutched the corners of her shirt. 

Zhang Sao stopped by the hall in the act of taking out a pair of slippers. 

But then saw Chen Shulan directly passing through the door with her shoes on. 

In an instant, Chen Shulan sensed a glare from a dumbfounded Zhang Sao. 

Although she is a country woman, she also likes clean and tidy, but there is no dust on her heels or clothes.

Zhang Sao’s piercing glare burned her back, but her granddaughter is beside her. Chen Shulan tried her best to ignore Zhang Sao and straightened her waist.

She took a step back to change into the slippers, but saw Zhang Sao shoving the slippers back in the rack. 

There are a lot of rooms in the Lin’s villa. Unsure of Ning Qing’s frame of mind, Zhang Sao took the two to a room on the third floor.

At the corner of the second floor, Qin Ran caught a glimpse of a precious violin from the crack in the door.

Qin Ran stared at it. 

Zhang Sao followed her gaze and remarked cursorily, “That’s the second Miss’s music room.”

Qin Ran merely raised a brow and calmly followed after Zhang Sao, thinking that Qin Yu seems favored in the Lin Family. 

The rooms upstairs were quite monotonous. 

“This is the bathroom, do you know how to use the water heater?” Zhang Sao opened the door and pointed at the facilities, as if the two across her are cavemen. 

Qin Ran sat on a coffee table with one leg slightly bent and fiddled casually with the flowers on the table with one hand, her sleeves still rolled up.

Exposing a delicate white wrist. 

“You two should take a rest first. If you need anything, just call me. I will be downstairs.” Zhang Sao reminded them of a few things before going downstairs to help in the kitchen.

After she left, Qin Ran locked the door.

Chen Shulan surveyed the magnificent spotless room, and after a long moment of contemplation, said: “This Zhang Sao is quite… easy to get along with. In the future…. You and your mother, ai.”

Qin Ran dumped the contents of her backpack onto the table.

She only raised a brow, but made no comment.

Chen Shulan watched Qin Ran playing around with her stuff and bothered her no more. This granddaughter owns a lot of weird things.

Last time, she was scared witless when she saw a gun coldly reflected on the table. Qin Ran later explained that it was just a simulated toy gun. 

Qin Ran curled on the table, fiddling with the contents of her backpack. A laptop without logo that looks new and unbranded was set aside on the table carelessly. 

Then she picked a very heavy phone.

Then continued tossing things on the table. 

She has always been messy, picking up a white plastic bottle from the pile of items. 

When she picked it up, a swish sounded, showing that it contains water. 

On the container was a note attached, with only a chaotic capital black letter Q written on it. 

Qin Ran tore off the note and added some messy characters on it, which might appear as a string of garbled codes to ordinary people. She considered what she has written for a while and tossed it aside. 

Holding only a white plastic bottle in her hand, she tilted her head and took a look at Chen Shulan, then stuffed it back into her pocket.

After a while, Zhang Sao came back and knocked on the door—

“The master is back with the young master. He is downstairs and wants to see you both.”


Downstairs, Lin Qi and Lin Jinxuan are whispering.

After all, Ning Qing has brought another daughter back. She didn’t have the courage to tell Lin Qi about this decision when she was at the hospital.

“I heard that she took a year off and has a long history of demerits from her original school. She is a hedgehog and is too embarrassing to introduce.”  Lin Qi thought about Ning Qing’s request and frowned uneasily.

Lin Qi initially thought that as obedient Qin Yu is, her sister wouldn’t be any worse, so he didn’t ask more at that time.

Now, this exact opposite is troublesome. There has never been such a notorious troublemaker in the Lin Family. 

Lin Jinxuan frowned indifferently with his head tilted on the side, holding a phone and chatting with someone. 

When Lin Qi spoke, he didn’t even lift his head, nor was intrigued by Qin Ran in Lin Qi’s mouth.

It’s only when he heard footsteps from the stairs did he inadvertently raised his eyes and shot a glance. 

Then he stared blankly. 

M’s corner: Each chapter for this is too long so the next installments will be cut into parts. Happy reading!


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  1. This FL has me very curious and eager to know more about her. There’s certainly more than meets the eye.
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