LLW – Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Wu…. there’s evil here!

Di Jue Chen!!

Hearing these three words, Feng Chuge shuddered.

The same was true of her maids behind them.

For a long time, Di Jing Lian always somehow called her little sister-in-law. Feng Chuge paid her no more attention, after all, it was just a title.

But at the moment, Di Jing Lian is telling her that Di Jue Chen is her brother.

So whenever she calls her sister-in-law … wait, that means …

Di Jing Lian was jolted by a thought, “Oh, right, sister-in-law, I didn’t tell anyone else. I don’t want to be so high-profile as that Yan Qing from Tiandifu.”

Speaking of Yan Qing, Di Jing Lian’s face crumpled in disgust.

That woman, did she really consider herself an aristocracy from their world? Ridiculous!

Feng Chuge was caught in a jumble.

Can Di Jing Lian stop calling her sister-in-law?

She couldn’t figure out why Di Jing Lian started calling her that way, but now everything dawned on her. 

She moved her lips and was about to respond, but after Di Jing Lian’s eyes fell on the reduced version of Di Jue Chen, she exclaimed. “He’s a bit similar to him, oh, who do you think looks better, this kid or my brother?”

“They’re both good-looking.” This is true. Although Di Jue chen is the most beautiful man on the mainland, Feng Chuge is sure that when Achen grows up, he may actually surpass Di Jue Chen …

“Really? Do you like him better than my brother?”


“Is it difficult to answer? Then let me ask you, do you like my brother?”


Seeing Feng Chuge unwilling to answer, Di Jing Lian scratched her head lightly.

Seems like she’s asking too much….

She turned to look at Achen and blinked her eyes–

Sister can only help you till here.

Then her eyes shifted to Yun Qianche’s tall body not far away. Di Jing Lian said, “Little sister-in-law, don’t feel pressured. I was just asking casually. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to answer. Brother Yun is leaving, I will go to him. I’ll talk to you next time when I’m free.”

With that, she sailed like the wind and caught up with Yun Qianche…

“Miss, Miss Di’s temperament … it’s too fiery …” Zilan stared at the distant figure of Di Jing Lian for a few seconds before sighing.

Feng Chuge nodded in agreement.

“Miss, however, it was Di Jue Chen who saved you last night.” Zilan also wanted to know. “Do you prefer Di Jue Chen? Or like Xiao Chenchen more?” For such gossip, Zilan has always been very keen.

An unusual color settled on Feng Chuge’s face as the playful eyes and the picture of someone secretly kissing her last night flashed before her eyes. 

On the side, Achen fixed his eyes on her face and noticing her reaction, he felt good.

Zilan pursued. “Miss …?”

Feng Chuge shook her head lightly.

Why did she think of that person again?

That pervert who kissed her without permission, she would never let him go the next time she sees him!

With that thought in mind, she leaned down and stroked Achen’s face.

“Of course I like our Xiao Chenchen, who would like that pervert …” That kiss thief maniac.


Listening to this description, Achen’s eyes shrank a little with a glint of danger flashing at the bottom of his eyes.

Seems like … the punishment last night was not enough …

His eyes gleamed as his thin lips rose slightly.

Revealing a murky shade on his little face.

 “Meow—” Meatball, who was held in his arm, sensed his anomaly and opened his eyes in horror, screaming aloud.

Wu…. there’s evil here!!

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