TOCH – Chapter 387

Chapter 387: Moonless night deepens

“You’ve come so fast!” Regardless when he’s driving, she rested her head on his shoulders, and even wrapped her arms around him.

This cuddling was akin to a bolt from the blue. A ripple shook Luo Yibei’s face for a moment as he sat rigidly.

Fang Chixia seemed unaware that they were still in the car. She rubbed her head several times on his shoulder, and probably a bit uncomfortable, she adjusted herself and repositioned her arms. 

Her arms curled up to his neck while burying her face directly deep in his chest. 

Her warm, sizzling breath reeking of wine spewed out onto Luo Yibei’s shirt and seeped through the thin fabric. Almost instantaneously, his rigid body heated up.

Luo Yibei was upset. He welcomes her intimacy, but now that he’s driving, the feeling was truly unbearable.

His discomfort was actually physical, rather than emotional.

“Sit tight!” After a quick glance at her, he reminded.

Fang Chixia ignored him, her face was still buried in his chest, while her furry head constantly rubbed against him.

She probably didn’t realize what she was doing, and was just trying to find a more comfortable posture.

Luo Yibei groaned. His mouth suddenly turned dry, so he pulled his collars down and unhooked a few buttons.

 “Sit back!” He was driving, but she is playing with fire now!

“Weren’t you with Su Ran tonight?” Fang Chixia brushed him off, looked up at him, and spoke unhurriedly.

Luo Yibei frowned, his face slightly twisted.

Why mention others at this point in time?

“Did I disturb you?” Fang Chixia looked at him calmly and asked again.

In Luo Yibei’s ears, she sounded a bit guilty, which irritated him.

“Shut up!” He cast two words deadpan, his gaze landing on her arms.

Her arms were still around him, blocking Luo Yibei’s sight halfway, so he motioned for her to take her hands away.

Who knew, Fang Chixia only looked at him blankly without moving.

Luo Yibei kneaded his temples with an oncoming headache. He did not push her away, but merely warned, “If you continue to play with fire, believe it or not, we’ll solve it right here?”

His words were deep warning.

Under normal circumstances, this would have driven Fang Chixia to blush and look away. 

But tonight, whether due to the alcohol or for the sake of arguing with him, she took a look around them and raised glittery eyes back at him, “Here? But the lights are too bright.”

Her response was no refusal, but more like and invitation. 

The lights are too bright….

Does she mean they can change places?

Luo Yibei’s throat dried up at the thought of it. 

He stared at her for a while, his eyes darkening by the second. 

“Let’s change places?” He raised an eyebrow and suggested softly.

Fang Chixia looked at him in a daze. Luo Yibei really couldn’t tell whether she’s drunk or not. Against all odds, she actually beamed and nodded. 

Luo Yibei was incredulous at her consent. 

“Are you sure?” He squinted at her, raising his voice slightly.

2 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 387”

  1. This couple has more thatn sexuality going on between them.But, neither will admit to it.

    Thank you for this chapter


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