SWDP – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: I don’t have much money

When the headliner is about to leave.

“Right, I didn’t mention just now, do I have to pay you to let you fly high after everything’s done?”


“I… I’m not a very rich person, so I hope you won’t expect  much.” Mu Huan tipped off, wishing she could slap herself!

She told him beforehand, what if he’s unwilling and backs off!

The headliner looked at Mu Huan, and suddenly smiled, “I thought you were ruthless just now. I didn’t expect that you would be so stupid to tell me now.”

Mu Huan grabbed her hair and looked up, like a deer caught on the spot, making her look more lovely, “You won’t regret it, won’t you? I promise I will try my best to give you the most money!”

“Relax, I won’t regret it, as long as you can save my sister, I’m willing to do anything for you!” Mu Huan’s honesty assured the headliner even more. A pure blackhearted person must be guarded, but she, who still driven by conscience at this time will definitely take care of his sister’s safety.

MasterCard Office …

 “Xiao Huan, your plan is good, but how do we save the headliner’s sister? Besides, this is not only a matter of rescuing. That club boss is so rich. If he finds it on your head, your safety won’t be guaranteed! ” Li Meng said.

“Wait, this is just a plan. What about replacing the N-lang?”

“A woman like Bai Xuexian is so shrewd, how can an ordinary N-lang fool her? Besides, if I were to look for other N-langs and there’s no need for me to run this errand, then let them do such a thing, how much do you think it would cost them? You should know that a N-lang in good condition can earn hundreds of thousands just by sleeping with a rich woman. They can easily get millions of yuan. Do I have that money?”

Li Meng is in agreement.

“But the boss of this club …”

At this time, Wu Xingye came back from the outside, “The boss of this club is very powerful. Mu Huan, you can’t afford getting rid of this vile person! Mu Huan, I advise you, better abort this plan.”

“Xiao Huan, I think Wu Xingye makes sense, let’s think about other ways to deal with your stepmother.” Li Meng also advised.

“I can’t afford it. I can’t deal with the boss of that club, but someone else can!” Mu Huan, who has been busy in front of the computer, stopped and grinned.

 “Who?” Wu Xingye and Li Meng asked in unison.

“The enemy of my enemy …”

The enemy of my in Mu Huan’s mouth is the sworn enemy of the club boss, the husband of the woman who entrusted them to recover her villa from an N-lang.

This afternoon, Wu Xingye brought back news that that rich woman, who commissioned Mu Huan, claimed that it wasn’t that she had drank too much that she forgot herself and gave the N-lang too much. She was actually tricked into it. It was the club owner who let the N-Lang drug her that she ended up committing those sins.

The club boss also took those things to show off and humiliate her husband. Her husband was so enraged that he is now bent on killing her. Her husband is familiar with her hideouts where she was familiar so she could only run to them to take refuge.

When Mu Huan thought of the rich woman’s husband and the humiliation he suffered from the club boss, she is certain that he would definitely like to give repay the club owner in kind. So she cleverly told the rich woman of the news they gathered after Wu Xingye’s investigation, and the rich woman left shortly after hearing everything.

She should be rushing back to redeem herself. 

Soon, she believes that the rich woman’s husband will take action. They just have to stare, and then rescue the headliner’s sister amidst the chaos.

By then, there would be nothing fishy about it at all.

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