FMYM – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: That spineless coward, how could he be my opponent

In the afternoon, under the lazy sunlight, the teenager arrived in front of a VIP ward at Feicheng City Hospital.

Next to him is Pei Jiao. 

Peng Jiao, 26, is dressed in a white shirt paired with an A-line skirt, exuding the competence of a professional career woman.

 “Don’t be impulsive when you go in. No matter what Gu Zifan says, don’t take it lightly. Gu Zifan has always used such method to torment Yuan Xi.”

As the teenager was about to push the door open, Peng Jiao hurriedly briefed.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” The teenager’s lips ticked wickedly, moulding a demagogue on that face blessed by the heavens. 

“Just so you know!” A flush crept up Peng Jiao’s face and she felt a bit parched, listening to the tempting timbre of the teenager’s voice.

His face is obviously identical to Yuan Xi, but this twin is brimming with charm and coquetry, even a mature woman like her find’s him irresistible.  

“I’m going in. You should wait for me on the bench over there, this shouldn’t take long!”

That’s right, compared with this teenager’s enchanting face, her gentleness is what makes him even more alluring. 

Peng Jiao, who was supposed to stand guard by the ward door, subconsciously obeyed the teenager’s suggestion and turned towards the distant bench. It must probably because his voice was rock-solid that she was befuddled. 

When she snapped out of it, she is already sitting on the bench with her hands over her speeding heart……


“Mom, rest assured! How can that spineless coward be my opponent?”

“At that time, the car was crushed. Even if he doesn’t die, it’s still a question if he will thoroughly recover in the future!”

When the teenager entered the ward, the injured man who was supposed to be lying on the bed, was instead standing in front of the window, admiring the blooming peony flower, and talking on the phone intently. The plaster and bandages on his feet were obviously frills!

That’s right, the person talking on the phone is Gu Zifan, the illegitimate son of the Gu Family. He is three years older than Gu Yuan Xi.

In other words, Father Gu had a woman long before he married Peng Huimin, and had a son. 

As to marrying Peng Huimin for her money, her extraordinary talents to support him, or for the so-called love, this remains unknown for the time being.

But at present, Father Gu has brought back the mistress beside him and also intends to assist his illegitimate son to become the heir of the Gu Family. It is obvious that the love between the couple in those days was nothing more but a play.

These were what Peng Jiao and Peng Huimin have told the teenager. 

But now listening to this phone call of Gu Zifan, a fourth possibility suddenly popped into the teenager’s mind.

“If dad says anything, just say that the waste is still unwilling to apologize to me, let Dad make a fuss with that surnamed Peng …”

Watching Gu Zifan’s smugness exposed under the bright sunlight, the teenager couldn’t help wondering if Father Gu and Gu Family really had any feelings with Peng Huimin. 

It’s just that that so-called feelings have long been wiped out under this mistress and her son’s provocation.

This guess made the teenager laugh out loud.

And Gu Zifan, who was focused on devising a game plan to drive a wedge between families with the person on the other end of the phone, finally noticed that another person has entered the ward.

At the same time, Gu Zifan hurriedly gathered up a smile and turned around. That’s right, this is the real Gu Zifan, the bastard who is proficient at camouflage and a skilled swindler. 


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