SWPF – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Does it hurt?

“Okay!” He Lian Xi is not a pretentious person, so she didn’t mention it again.

“Otherwise, let’s go to the movies in the afternoon!” Lu Xingzhi rubbed her face that was beaten. “It’s still quite swollen now.”

“What other movies did you want to see, you’re so magnanimous.” He Lian Xi thinks that his San Sao is truly a wonder. 

At this time, shouldn’t she call San Ge and press charges?

“Isn’t it just being slapped? It’s not a big deal.” Lu Xingzhi is indifferent.

He Lian Xi suddenly felt distressed for Lu Xingzhi. Her saying that it was just a slap is an understatement. Is it because she knows that she has no relatives that she thinks no would care?

Not anymore, she will protect her. Her San Ge will certainly take good care of her and will spoil her.

He Lian Yi really has gone too far.

He Lian Xi was really angry and made a phone call to Huo Jinchen while she was in the bathroom.

“San Ge, are you busy?” He Lian Xi asked cautiously.

“What’s the matter?” Huo Jinchen didn’t think that his cousin would call him for nothing.

“That … that …” He Lian Xi stuttered a little, not knowing whether to say it or not. “I came to find San Sao today, and my brother was here too.”

“What did he do?” Huo Jinchen grabbed the point at once.

“When I quarreled with him, he wanted to hit me in anger. Then … then …”

The more He Lian Xi stuttered, the more Huo Jinchen’s temper simmered. 

He scowled. His hunch is telling him that nothing good happened. 

“He didn’t hit me, but was blocked by San Sao.” After speaking, He Lian Xi could hear the banging on her chest.

Huo Jinchen’s voice cooled down, “What do you mean by blocked by Zhizhi?”

“My brother smacked San sao’s face with a slap.” He Lian Xi took a deep breath and finished quickly.

“What did you say?” Huo Jinchen’s sharp eyebrows was already mirroring his anger, “Say that again.”

“San … San Ge … my brother, hem … he didn’t mean it. He actually wanted to hit me.” He Lian Xi swallowed her saliva. She’s really scared of Huo Jinchen’s anger.

Huo Jinchen did not respond and instead hung up the phone.

His car had just arrived near the company, but he ordered the driver, “Turn around and go back to the villa.”

He Lian Xi is on edge. She is furious of her brother’s blindness, but at the same time worried that he would suffer badly under Huo Jinchen.

Looking at Lu Xingzhi’s red and swollen cheeks and lips, she still felt that it was time for He Lian Yi to be taught a lesson.

He was too much.

On top of that, she’s also saddened. She and He Lian Yi are siblings, but because of a Chen Xinzi, he actually wanted to hit her.

“Xixi do you have other appointments? I don’t need your company. Otherwise, go to the cinema with your friends first!” Lu Xingzhi thought that He Lian Xi’s restlessness is because she’s in a hurry. 

“Ah? No. I’m fine.” He Lian Xi is too lazy to think more about it. Anyway, she won’t forgive He Lian Yi so easily.

Huo Jinchen returned home speedily.

“Go home first!” He drove He Lian Xi away directly.

After she left, Huo Jinchen squatted down and gently stroked Lu Xingzhi’s face, “Does it hurt?”

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