SWPF – Chapter 48

Chapter 48: I was trying to pull you away

“That’s enough He Lian Yi! You’ve gone too far! What wrong did Xiao Zhi commit? She just got engaged with San ge. Is she guilty just because San ge likes her?”

He Lian Xi fumed and could hardly string her words together, but still managed to do so, “I think you’re a dog that Chen Xinzi has raised. You think that even her shit smells fragrant. I now see, you are both trash, unable to distinguish right from wrong, how cheap.”

“He Lian Xi!” He Lian Yi has never been so stigmatized by anyone. In his anger, he lost all reason.

He raised his hand and landed a slap, quickly and forcefully, but instead of hitting He Lian Xi, the slap ended up on Lu Xingzhi’s face.

Both brother and sister froze.

He Lian Yi stared at his hand, then looked at He Lian Xi regretfully, and finally on Lu Xingzhi’s face.

“I …” He wanted to explain himself, but was interrupted by Lu Xingzhi.

“Enough!” Lu Xingzhi looked at He Lian Yi. “You all claimed that I don’t deserve Huo Jinchen, but did anyone ask if I wanted this marriage contract?”

Lu Xingzhi’s eyes turned reddish. She raised her head and took a deep breath.

She has never asked to live this kind of life herself, she just wanted to live a good life.

And also because this is what one of her loved ones hoped for before he died. 

“Xiao Zhi, are you alright? Your mouth is bleeding!” He Lian Xi was paralyzed, castigating herself, this is all her fault. “Why did you have to take this slap, your face is swollen.”

“I wanted to pull you away, I didn’t expect the slap to come too fast. Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault.” Lu Xingzhi isn’t lying. She isn’t stupid, she would never send herself to be beaten.

In fact, He Lian Yi felt relieved, after all, the slap did not fall on He Lian Xi.

His anger got the best of him just now.

“It was you who brought your face forward. I didn’t mean to hit you. You deserve it.” Looking at Lu Xingzhi’s red and swollen cheek, he was feeling guilty, but he would never take the initiative to apologize.

Besides, it was all because of her that caused them brother and sister to be at odds. Otherwise, he would never have done it. 

“Are you still human? He Lian Yi, you’re the one who hit her, but still don’t want to own up to it. So you actually wanted to slap me. Get out, you’re not welcome here. I’ll see how you will answer to San ge.” He Lian Xi won’t cover him this time, he deserves a lesson. 

He Lian Yi didn’t say anything and left. 

From the outset, he came purposely to teach Lu Xingzhi for Chen Xinzi, which could be considered his goal!

But sitting in his car, He Lian Yi grabbed his hair anxiously.

He only wanted to provoke Lu Xingzhi, and didn’t really mean to hit her. 

Watching Lu Xingzhi’s beautiful little face turn red and swollen, he looked at his hands again, he really must have lost his mind.

It doesn’t matter how much force he has put into it. 

Fortunately, it was not Xiao Xi, or else, he really would hate himself forever. 

She’s been coddled since she was a child and no one has ever dared touch her finger!

“You can rub the medicine on my face, but can you please not zoom your face in and show me that sorry face?” Lu Xingzhi can’t stand He Lian Xi guilt.

“Oh! Oh, oh!” He Lian Xi woke up from her self-blame. She is supposed to apply some ointment on Lu Xingzhi’s face.

She is really stupid.

After applying the medicine, He Lian Xi sincerely apologized to Lu Xingzhi, “Xiao Zhi, I’m really sorry.”

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