LLW – Chapter 181

Chapter 181: I’ll show it you alone

His bright eyes turned up a bit, and now that they are dyed with laughter, they were particularly dazzling.

The delicate little face was filled with happiness.

His delight warmed Feng Chuge’s heart a little bit.

She doesn’t know when it started, when Achen is satisfied, so is she. 

 “Wife, have you missed me these days?” Achen narrowed his eyes and teased. “I really can’t rest or eat in peace without wife around. Can you see it? Your little Chenchen has grown much thinner.”

Feng Chuge’s mouth twitched. She has just pinched his hand and felt it good. Where does he look thin?

There is also the “wife” in Chenchen’s mouth, he really blurts it out naturally!

“Children should always act properly. Otherwise, when they grow up, they won’t be able to marry.”

“With my wife, there’s no need to worry about anything else.”

“…” A black line formed on Feng Chuge forehead, “But how did you get to the college?”

“The dean asked me to come.” Achen answered casually.

“The dean?”

“Yeah, I went to the Dean and he let me in …”

“…” Feng Chuge regarded Achen suspiciously.

She never knew that Yuntian College was so easy to enter, and the Dean asked him to come in?

Under Feng Chuge’s scrutiny, Achen blinked and raised a brow: “Maybe it’s because your little Chenchen is terribly handsome, he couldn’t bear to refuse me …”

“…” Feng Chuge’s eyes narrowed.

She should stop talking to him!

This narcissistic child …

Who taught him to be so narcissistic and precocious?

Feng Chuge’s sudden silence made Achen laugh again, “Wife, what’s the matter? Do you think your handsome Xiao Chen Chen has been seen by others? Don’t worry … I’ll only let you see me alone …”

Feng Chuge dropped her forehead on her palms.

“A Chen, listen in class, this basic class is very good for you to strengthen your spiritual power.”

“If I listen in class and advance faster, will you marry me sooner?”

“…” Feng Chuge chose silence.

She simply turned her head and ignored Achen.

Seeing the little woman in front of him frowning, Achen’s lips swayed up and he smiled again.

He likes seeing Feng Chuge’s different emotions displayed in front of himself.

This makes him feel that in Feng Chuge’s heart, he is different from others …

He didn’t even realize how naive his wise move was.

If Bei Xuan were to see Achen at the moment, his chin would have dropped in shock.

This lesson ended quickly.

After class, that red figure outside appeared again …

Only this time, she wasn’t looking for Yun Qianche, but for Feng Chuge.

“Little sister-in-law….” Upon stepping out of the classroom, Feng Chuge heard a call.

“Miss Di~” Feng Chuge wasn’t annoyed at Di Jing Lian so she greeted her in return. 

“Little sister-in-law, were you okay last night?”

“I’m fine.” Feng Chuge chuckled.

“That’s great.” Di Jing Lian breathed a sigh of relief, then her eyes fell on Achen.

A playful glint flashed across her eyes. Di Jing Lian asked, “Little sister-in-law, who is this little doll?”

“He …” Feng Chuge turned to look at Di Jue Chen next to her, “He is a new student in our class.”

“Really?” Di Jing Lian lips swayed up. “This little doll looks familiar to me, similar to my brother when he was young.”

“Your brother?”

“Yes… You know, Di Jue Chen.”

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