SWDP – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Let them fall from grace

“Impossible! He promised me that he would leave my sister alone! Let her grow up healthy and get her a good education!” The headliner’s greatest weakness is his sister, so when he heard such things, he could no longer keep his calm and he shouted frenziedly.

“Such a rotten person, can you trust him?” Mu Huan raised her eyebrows, then took out a few photos of his sister during training and showed him.

The headliner looked at those photos and clenched his fists. After a while, “Can I believe you? What if you can’t do it and hurt my sister!”

At first, the headliner was afraid that Mu Huan was the one the club boss sent to test him, so he pretended not to understand Mu Huan’s meaning.

Now, although he is sure that Mu Huan is not the boss’s person, he does not believe that Mu Huan can rescue his sister.

“In that case, let me save your sister first and absolv any doubt from the boss that this has something to do with you. After ensuring your sister’s safety, can we talk again?” Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

“Can you?” The headliner looked at her suspiciously. What he sees is just a little girl of 18 or 19! Even if she has the ability to find out private matters and take these photos, but dealing with the club boss is another matter altogether!

 “The boss of our club is very powerful. Let alone a little girl like you, even some people with power can’t move him …” The headliner also is aware that his younger sister is not safe in the hands of the boss, so he had to enter this kind of job after his initial resistance. He encouraged himself and stayed positive, working very hard to get close to rich women, and wanted to rescue his sister through them.

But time and time again, he failed.

His sister was punished every time he was caught, so he was afraid of trying again.

“I know he is powerful, so if I were not sure, did you think I would come to do business with you? I’m afraid he would kill me!”

“Do you have any way to rescue my sister and deal with the club boss?”

“You don’t need to know how I will deal with the club boss. You just have to decide whether you want this deal with me.” Mu Huan responded indifferently.

The headliner looked at Mu Huan hesitantly. 

At the same moment, a colleague in the club who has a good relationship with him called. Not knowing how to answer, he picked the call first.

“Brother, the boss lied to me… I was deceived by the boss … he didn’t treat my mother well, my mother died of illness long ago, and no one collected her body. She lay in the cold morgue for more than half a year … I didn’t even know … I didn’t know … “

The cries of his colleague at the end of the phone is heartbreaking.

The headliner’s hand shook.

He ended the call, and after a while, he looked up at Mu Huan, “Who do you want me to attract and seduce?”

He decides to gamble, he has no other choice, but to gamble!

Mu Huan knew that he was trying to retain some leverage. She didn’t say much,  and gave her photos of Bai Xuexian and Mu Kexin directly, “These two are mother and daughter.”

“Mother and daughter?”

“Yes, mother and daughter.” 

“You want them to fall from grace?” The headliner is smart.

Yes.” She wants Bai Xuexian to go to hell! She’s ruin whoever touches her grandmother by any means possible!

The headliner put away the photo, “You’re giving me this photo now. Are you not afraid that I will turn back and find these two people? This older woman looks very rich and capable. She is more likely to save my sister that you will.”

“Will you?” Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

“No, but if you can’t keep my sister safe, I’ll drag you down together!” The headliner vowed fiercely.


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